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Welcome to Lainadan!

After wandering the kinships of middle earth for a while a few of us have finally settled in Lainadan.  The aim of the kin is simple to enjoy all of the game content together with our friends. 

It does seem sad that throughout all of our travels in this game that we make friends and lose track as we move kin, play different content etc.  We understand loyalties to kin and have no wish to upset the balance.  We do however miss contact with some of the people on the server as in game many of us sorta grew up together. 

With this in mind we have opened our events up to associated members if anyone wishes to become one just apply using the button on the left side of this page.
This will give you access to our calendar and ventrilo details allowing you to chat or sign up if you miss the mayhem.  We would like to extend the offer to all of our friends in game. 

Take care all and hope to see you soon.

Aiel, Aelwyn, Aranwen, Booshliman, Bardybor, Bumblee, Dargrim, Ellerian, Elnord, Omiso, Jayneway, Nitrilas, Volkmaar, Yorinleadfeet (Goregutz)

Welcome back to Middle Earth, Aiel! :)

Captain_Ael, Jul 30, 09 4:16 AM.
With great happiness we welcome back our beloved Aiel to the game - after walking a lonely and dangerous road through danger and darkness he has emerged again into the light - (almost) the same loveable grumpy old self as before  - and has planted down his banner on Snowbourn and joined our little band of migrants there in happy mob bashing, brave deeds and (hopefully) glorious kills (and don't forget the phat loots )!
We wish you and all of us a happy time and lots of fun!
/Wave to all old friends! 

Lainadan had fresh Sushi last night!

Captain_Ael, Feb 25, 09 2:14 AM.
Last night, on our 4th kin visit to the Vile Maw, our team of 12 braves took down the Watcher after a heroic, seemingly endless fight (it felt like 5 hours, and Olfi gave us all almost a heart attack by crashing in the middle of the fight - but it was only 40 minutes of hacking him down ;)). The winning team was:
Aranwen, Minstrel
Aiel, Captain (Raidleader)
Aelwyn, Captain
Bumblee, Hunter
Calarandir, Loremaster
Dargrim, Guardian
Elnord, Minstrel
Jayneway, Captain
Nitrilas, Hunter
Olfindel, Champion
Omiso, Burglar
Volkmar, Champion
Gratz to Volkmar who won a 1st age one-handed lvl 60 Champion sword, Gratz to Olfindel and Omiso who won a Shoulder Coin each, and Gratz to Dragrim who won a very nice bracelet.
Big Gratz to you all, a big Thank You to our leader and all who puzzled out the winning strategy and all who supported the team - this success only 3 weeks after our kin started to work was made possible by friendship, solidarity and discipline practised by all kin members.
And in the next weeks we will work on to fine-tune the fight while farming Mr. W, having loads of fun on vent and getting nice gucci things for all of us! :)

Lainadan goes public!

Captain_Ael, Feb 3, 09 11:30 AM.
Today we (a group of friends playing together already a long time) started off into the adventure of our own little kin - Lainadan (which means Free People :))!

We already have a Kinhouse (7 Fairwood Lane, Pel Beriad, Falathlorn Homesteads), a website (work in progress) and a raid full of members - all ready to go and do end-game stuff, help each other or other players, run around EM causing mayhem - and generally having just loads of fun in game, on kin chat and on vent.

So I wish us all a wonderful time together - and while playing, may we always remember the most important thing: it's not the game, it certainly is not the loot, it is not the fame on the server - it is the people we play with - our friends! :)
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