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Welcome to our new web site! (but still under construction.) BlackSun is Pacific based Guild. We believe that our guild is everything anyone would need in a guild because we are trusting, honest, selfless, and friendly to all. We're currently recruiting mature, active(3+ days/week) & level 60+ (no death knights sorry) players to be in a great friendly guild!

See you in game!


Guild Rules

No profanity may be used in Guild chat.  Be respectful to all guild members.  If you have a disagreement with another guild member handle it in a private party chat, in whisper or you may ask an officer or guild master to help in the matter, but PLEASE do not talk about it in guild chat.

Absolutely no begging for gold/items/materials! Begging will be considered as: asking more than 3 times in any type of chat, ingame Voice chat or Ventrilo server.  If you need help with a questing or an instance boss please ask in guild chat, Vent or whisper a members no more than 5 levels higher than you (if any are on) or a Black Knight of 10 lvls higher than you. We are not a 'power leveling' guild.

If you have not logged into  WOW with your any playing character within the guild for more than 1 month (31 days) you will be demoted and/or booted from the guild if you are the rank of Skirmisher (lvl 20-29), unless you have given appropriate notice by (1) mail any officer in high rank or (2) posting the to this website under the members forums.

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