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Welcome to ORA's new website!

Hello fellows guild members! This is our new Guild Portal!
Most of the sections of this site and most of its "extras" are invisible and locked for not registered ORA members, so, please register yourself, take a look, spend some time browsing the site and don't forget to spam the forum! There are many more modules and parts of the site that are still inactive, but they will be introduced very soon and we will have a really nice looking simple and functional Guild Portal with its own big and full of spam forum.

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Again Down...

JediAAK, Jan 16, 09 12:48 AM.
Our server apparently has some serious problems. Second night in a row we had a 1h Server RollBack. And it went down offline again at the same time - peak hour for all EU players. It happened about 40-50 min after one big fight in the PvP zone where at least 60 or even more players took part.

Domain issues

JediAAK, Jan 15, 09 10:38 AM.
This, as mentioned before, is a free hosting, so our site has its minuses. One of them is the fact that we can not have a normal domain ( for example), but once you bookmark it, you will never need to remember the link, you know, hehe.
So the link is:


JediAAK, Jan 15, 09 9:26 AM.
/tar self; + /bmoc; + /flex
Added two new videos from Guild Heroics runs:
ORA in AM and ORA in TK.

Crafting Day!

JediAAK, Jan 15, 09 9:13 AM.
Few of our guildies claimed Friday (tomorrow) as a PUP crafting day.
So, if you need powerups, set your orders in a backpack with needed bits and if possible mods to the following traders:
Wazzat - Armor PUP's
Gipat - Clothing PUP's
Tap - Weapon PUP's
Guildmail InGame was provided with waypoints leading to their shops/houses.
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