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Thank You
Aug 28, 06 4:31 AM
Guild bank
Aug 19, 06 10:11 PM
This just in!!!
Aug 4, 06 12:45 AM
New Mage just joined the guild!
Aug 1, 06 1:29 PM
Fear Raid
Jul 26, 06 10:29 AM
~*~*~ Home to Amies D'Liberte ~*~*~

Hiyas... If this is your first time here or if you are interested in joining the Amies D'Liberte Family then please click on the link below... You will need to act as if you are submiting an application to join Amies. Go in and add your Characters as well... :o)

Click Here to Join Amies D'Liberte

Thank You

537243202_Inactive, Aug 28, 06 4:31 AM.

Thank You Everyone for helping me get that Pipe in KC.  You guys are the BEST!!!!

Guild bank

windform, Aug 19, 06 10:11 PM.
 Ive been trying to work on guildbank and place items in there that we can all use when needed please check out bank and tell me what we should a great tool we can all use..........


This just in!!!

538113920_Inactive, Aug 4, 06 12:45 AM.
So my quest in the past few days has narrowed down drastically! I have managed to get the Element of Wind and the Element of Earth. I still need the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water from Phinigel Autropos (I killed him at 3:00 am on august 4th. he'll spawn again at 3pm august 4th...EST). Blazing Wand from Undertow, and Burning Embers from Nezekeneza, Gylton or another named wurm in Burning Woods. if anyone can help me with these last 3 items, i would GREATLY appreciate it. oh and if we can, head to CoM and kill Neh`Ashiir for the Torch of the Elements (a friend said he would MQ it for me but at the rate this is going, i'd love to have it before next week when he returns home!!)


Ps... Thank you to ALL who helped me with the aquiring of these items. my gratitude for your deeds is greatly supported.

New Mage just joined the guild!

538113920_Inactive, Aug 1, 06 1:29 PM.
Greetings Amies Dliberte! Norfare Fae`Oallon, level 60 Magician just joined the guild a couple days ago. just wanted to say hello and I have posted in the Raid Needs section of the forums. Looking for as much help as I can seeing as the pieces I still need are held by mobs I cannot defeat without a team such as you guys! Send me a tell, or leave a comment/reply! Thanks!

-Norfare Fae`Oallon

Fear Raid

537027784_Inactive, Jul 26, 06 10:29 AM.
Raid Saturday (7/29) meet in guildhall by 1pm PST so we can all have fun and play as a team and maybe get a few of us our epic drops TY
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