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Recruiting Season - Temporarily Closed
Aug 13, 09 3:21 PM
Recruiting Meetings!
Jul 5, 09 5:27 PM
Jul 2, 09 4:22 PM
Recruiting Season Open!
Feb 20, 09 8:25 PM


It was with the slitting of a throat that the Redwolds were born.

Bound by the lust for blood those left in the wake of their fallen leader carried on. To strike fear and sate their desire for chaos they followed the barbarous ways of Langley Childs. For a time the people of Bree-town were held in the grip of fear that they might cross paths with one of the Redwolds. But like all things in this world...things change.

Now in the hands of another a new chapter is under way for the Redwolds. Each that remains of this merry band still marches forward with their own desires to sate. But the time of chaos alone is over.

Bound by an insatiable greed, Lucillia Pearlfinder, the current captain of the Redwolds seeks to increase the wealth of the crimson fold by any means necessary. By thievery, murder, or hefty reward she will full-fill her promise of increased wealth to her her family.


"The Redwolds" is an established kinship ( rank 10 ) that aims to carve a criminal / villain role-play niche in the Landroval role-playing community by any means necessary. We're a tight-knit group of seasoned role-players who decided to stray from the beaten path that in-game mechanics offer when it comes to character alignment, and instead opt for a stance of chaotic neutral. We are not in alignment with the Great Shadow, but neither are we aligned with the Fellowship. We exist to profit and meet our own, twisted ends. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you'd like to join our sordid ranks, please be aware that we are what some would term a 'heavy' RP kin, and as such, spam flowery walls of text and expect nothing less from both seasoned veteran and recruit alike.

About This Site

This site is meant as mainly a ''bookmark" for our main site for those who use Guild Portal. You can leave OOC / IC messages for the Redwolds here if you wish to only go as far as this page. Our main site however is here: 

The Redwolds


Recruiting Season - Temporarily Closed

Whisperhand, Aug 13, 09 3:21 PM.
Greetings and Salutations,

Due to the recent influx of recruits we will be having a temporary freeze on major recruiting. Once the new recruits have been evaluated and situated we will resume recruiting those who want to join.

In the meantime. I, Lucillia, will be assisting our former leader build her new kinship. (See our posting on the lotro forums - Landroval Kinships section for further details.)

Recruiting Meetings!

Whisperhand, Jul 5, 09 5:27 PM.
Greetings reader!

We have made a change to our recruiting process. Please check the "Joining the Crimson Fold" section under 'Information' on the left for details.


Whisperhand, Jul 2, 09 4:22 PM.
Every Wenesday evening the Redwolds will crawl from their repective holes and shadows to meet and discuss current dealings, recieve payment for jobs successfully completed, socialize and/or propose future ventures. This will take place in the Bad Wolf Inn* during the evening. (Roughly 7pm PST / 10 pm EST. But times are dependent on online attendance.)

* aka, our kin house

Recruiting Season Open!

Whisperhand, Feb 20, 09 8:25 PM.
We are once again recruiting! We encourage all those of the less than lawful nature to apply!
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