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Kekkaishi Clan

About the Clan

Kekkaishi is a predominantly English speaking Lineage 2 Clan in Blackbird server.
While remain positively neutral, having friends on both sides of major alliances, the alliance does help out Tri-Edge during castle siege days.
The clan is level 6 and hosts several active players like Dingding and Hyall, two very active persons both in-game and here in the forums.

Kekkaishi organizes several clan activities every week which range from either SC levelling, Raid Boss or just discovering the map just that little better.
Our fixed schedules for such activities are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Clan Rules

Only 3 rules to observe:
1) Speak English
2) Have Fun
3) Be Nice

Recruiting Fun Loving, Active Players

Kekkaishi is looking to expand our clan base by recruiting players who wish to have a healthy levelling experience through cohesive clan activities like Raid Boss or Subclass/Noblesse Raids.

The clan is also helpful to academy and newer players who require help. Members are free to ask for advice and help will be given to those who need it. (However, nothing is free in this world - so don't ask for items / adena etc)

Currently looking for characters level 1-39 (for Academy), and 40-80+ for the main clan.
In terms of classes, we are interested in recruiting almost all classes.

For those who are interested, please pm Dingding or Hyall here, or in game
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