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Blasphemous Intentions
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Welcome to Blasphemous Intentions

What is our focus?  A simi-hardcore raiding guild that, simply put, gets s*** done!  If you're skilled, want to progress, and don't mind bringing a few things to raid, this is the kind of guild you're looking for.  We don't require that raiders do instance of DULLLONGANDBORING to get MINORTRINKETUPGRADE, but we won't let people who just let others do their work for them raid.

DPS - 1.7-2k dps, depending on gear, requirements get higher
Healers - 1300 +healing.
Tanks - Capped defense, 23k health unbuffed atleast.
Mana users - 10 Runic Mana Potions every raid, use as nessary
Non-Mana Users - 10 Runic Health Potions every raid, use as nessary
Atleast 2 flasks per raid, don't need to use each time, use as nessary
Money for repairs, enchants, and blue gems; If you get a awesome new leggings, and its not enchanted/gemmed before the next raid, don't expect to get gear often, or even raid.
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Website made, now recruiting!

tekpremiered, Jan 19, 09 6:13 AM.
We are now recruiting!  Apply on the forums, and get ready to raid
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