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I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.

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Welcome to Blaidd Drwg!

We are a horde guild on the Gorefiend US PvP server. We are a casual raid and heroics guild. We welcome all level 80 players with any and all raid experience to apply. We focus on mainly having a good time. We are a friendly, low stress, no drama guild that was formed to break away from the dramatics and corporate structure of most guilds out there today. 

So come on and join us and start having a great time!
Other Guild News

Kicking some 10man Naxx butt

Solithius, Nov 4, 09 5:00 PM.
Great job to all of those who were in Naxx 10 last night (11/3/09) I heard you guys got all the way to KT with very little trouble. The officers would just like to congratulate all of you on a job well done. If you haven't already done so please make sure to check your in-game calendar's as Drezdin has created a new raid for this saturday 11/7/09 to finish off Kel'Thuzad.

Also now that we have the Key for Malygos be prepared to go into his lair sometime soon and lay some pain down on him. Check the forums for the strategy for Malygos (as well as for Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and Vault of Archavon). We had a rough start this week but we made up for it last night, let's keep it up and add some boss kills to our name!

Just a quick note

Solithius, Oct 29, 09 11:20 PM.
I'm still working on the guild website so please don't freak out if you see some things change day to day. If you have any questions about anything let me know.
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Horde motto
Lok'tar ogar! Victory or death - it is these words that bind me to the Horde. For they are the most sacred and fundamental of truths to any warrior of the horde.

I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief's desire. I am a weapon of my Warchief's command.

From this moment until the end of days I live and die - FOR THE HORDE!
Guild Leader
Solithius (Nyathala)
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