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Welcome to Eclipse!

Eclipse is a casual raiding guild. We raid on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday nights. We also continue to try to run old content for our up and coming raiders.  Attendance in raids is not mandatory, but it is appreciated.

Friendliness is a MUST! 

<Eclipse> is current recruiting, We are looking for tanks and healers. Eclipse is currently 1/14 Heroic SoO. Raids are Tues/Thurs 6pm server time. Flex/Alt runs on Sun 6pm server.
Colgann 4/8/2014 12:34 PM
WoD Alpha zone previews up on MMO-Champion
Colgann 4/7/2014 12:36 AM
It's about time Nyro!
Nyro 4/5/2014 10:30 AM
I have a full set of 522 ilvl resto pvp gear now, woohoo.
Celes 4/4/2014 3:35 PM
Warlords Alpha Patch notes are up!
Celes 3/25/2014 3:23 PM
Boo, snow in March!
Celes 3/14/2014 12:26 AM
Heroic Norushen down!
Celes 3/13/2014 5:52 PM
Speaking of which, your bro have been online lately
Arralyn 3/13/2014 3:18 AM
Vik is geeking out on the expansion right now maybe we'll make a return to WoW. Having time to play though, that's the problem.
Celes 3/9/2014 11:55 PM
2 Garrosh Kills! Start reading up on the Heroic fights everyone!
Celes 3/7/2014 6:56 PM
"WoD Healing = Cata healing... no thank you..."
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