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Welcome is the home of Method a guild on Dragonmaw-US server. We are an age 18+ horde guild, consisting of a raiding core that's been together since early ICC days. Our raiders are located all across the US, and a handful from CAN, AUS and NZ. 

Raid Times: 

Tues - Thurs 6:00 - 11:00 pm PST
Sun - Mon 7:00 - 11:00 pm PST

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Tinkrbelle, Jan 11, 13 3:31 PM.
Cuz u know
Only fair treatment

GG guild portal..

Tinkrbelle, Jan 6, 13 2:20 AM.
How nice of Guild Portal... the site has been down a few days and it comes back up and lots of stuff disappeared. We've cleared all of heroic Heart of Fear. US 31st/Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shak'zeer which bumped us up to US 32nd 10 man. Currently working on heroic Protectors. Here are the screen shots that got deleted.

Grand Empress Shak'zeer:

Amber-Shaper Un'sok

Wind Lord Mel'jarak

Big Bug Stomped!

Tinkrbelle, Dec 13, 12 1:02 PM.
Heroic Garalon died last night. I don't have much to say about this fight. Pretty easy. As far as our raiders go... WORST PICTURE TAKERS EVER... 

We've killed more stuff!

Tinkrbelle, Dec 12, 12 5:41 PM.
Heroic Will of the Emperor is dead (yay Realm First) as well as Heroic Imperial Vizier Zorlak and Heroic Blade Lord. I have the videos, they should be up by the weekend. In the meantime I will put up some screen shots. ( P.S. I haven't been in for a Heroic Imperial Vizier kill since I've been sick and no one else knows where their 'Print Screen' button is to take a screen shot.)

Delver of the Vaults:

Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak:

Heroic Elegon Dead!

Tinkrbelle, Nov 17, 12 12:51 AM.
Coughing fits on this fight are bad (they apparently cause you to fall off the platform). Heroic Elegon is dead, on to Heroic Will of the Emperor. (I included our Heroic Spirit Kings kill too.) 

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