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Titans Reborn
All MM ITF a Success!
Jun 28, 09 7:57 PM
Some I16 News
Jun 21, 09 11:46 AM
Jun 12, 09 4:07 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jan 26, 09 5:00 PM
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Titans Reborn, on Guardian Server. Home of the craziest sorts you'll meet. We have fun, play the game for fun, and have a relaxed atmosphere. All we ask is that you turn SG mode on. That's all!

Come play with us.... for ever and ever and ever.....

All MM ITF a Success!

IncCharybdis, Jun 28, 09 7:57 PM.
Okay, well, not an ALL MM ITF, but close enough. We had 6 MM's and one fire/kin, so at least we all had pets.

We totally pwned through all of the levels and suffered only 3 deaths, one of them me. :( But, and this is the best part-- the first attack on Rom only took 30 seconds. He was down like your mama on a sailor.... HAH! The subsequent attacks were a little longer, but it was fantastic.

See what you miss by not being on the site or in our SG? :)

Some I16 News

IncCharybdis, Jun 21, 09 11:46 AM.
Seems as though there's SOME news on Issue 16. It's not going to be set aside for Going Rogue as previously speculated. It seems some of it (hopefully not all) is going to involve power color customization. Positron threw up a post about it here, with some pictures in it.

Seems somewhat fun. I'd like the idea of making an ice/ice blaster (oh, done it!) and changing the ice color to yellow. Like being hit by a yellow snowball... HAH!


IncCharybdis, Jun 12, 09 4:07 PM.
Didn't think Robbie would join, but lo, he has.

Kk, I'm done.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

IncCharybdis, Jan 26, 09 5:00 PM.
Right on. We gots a website.

Anybody care? No? Well care darnit. Please?

Right, well, I'll be posting the nifty little weekly task forces up here in advance. Prolly gonna make a calendar for advanced notification of TFs.

More info as it comes.
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