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Paradigm Ventrilo
Without a doubt, the last 16 months have been the most fun that I've had in FFXI.  I know that, like me, many of you feel that the end of Paradigm occured too soon.  For all of you with goals left to achieve, I wish you the best of luck.  I'm not sure where the future will take Miori, Magicide, and I, but I know that I will still be in game.  I have made many good friends here, and hope that I will keep in touch with most of you.  You all should be proud of what Paradigm achieved during the last year.

For everyone else, we are closed for business.  Good luck to you.

Andraana and Miori


Vanirfreyja, Apr 27, 10 12:10 AM.
~Hello Everyone~
Welcome to this week's news!
We got a lot of goodies the past few days, starting with

Congratulations to those who got omnom gearz!
Nightbear - Melee Gloves
Durtydurty- Warrior's Mufflers
Yasato- Warrior's Mufflers
Sammikins- Duelist's Tights
Vanirfreyja- Scout's Beret

Our next adventure was Fomor Kings! Also, they are jerks. Jerks that give us treasuresLugh.png picture by vanirfreyja

Buarainech.png picture by vanirfreyja
Congratulations Dajociont on Shrewd Pumps!

Elatha.png picture by vanirfreyja
Congratulations Poohbear on Dull Claymore!

Tethra.png picture by vanirfreyja

Later in the week we did Dynamis-Beaucedine!

Congratulations everyone on all their goodies!!

Warrior's Cuisses
Ashke + Noryoko + Eeek

Exo + Yotevol


Yotevol + Jerriblank + Vanirfreyja + Kheldaar


Sorcerer's Coat
Braim + Jerriblank

Koga Chainmail

That's all for this week, see you next time! ~ Vani



Vanirfreyja, Apr 20, 10 2:34 PM.
~Hello Everyone!~
Welcome to the news! Hope you had a great week, i know we did ^^

Our Week started with

Dynamis-Valkurm41110.png picture by vanirfreyja

Congratulations to everyone who got drops!
Andraana ~ 
Summoner's Cape

Dajociont ~
Sorcerer's Belt

Vanirfreyja ~

Later in the week we did Dynamis-Xarcabard

Congratulations to Noryoko!

We may not have gotten much gear but we got a TON of currency!

We tried our hand at
VNM's for the first time, running all over killing Tier II NMs. Fortunately for us, they're already proving to be totally worth the mileage! :D


Hirudineaearring.png picture by vanirfreyja
Congratulations hun!

To end our week, we paid a visit to Proto-Ultima in the smoothest fight any of us have seen yet! ^^

DajoUnstopUltimasTail.png picture by vanirfreyja

Nashira Crackows

Congratulations guys!!

That's all for event news! 
In other news, two Paradigm members got their Maat's Cap's last night!

MaatsCap.png picture by vanirfreyja

File:Maat's Cap.PNG

Don't even act like you didn't expect it to be gay. 
Congratulations Nory and Dajo!!!!

That concludes this week's news post! See you all next time! ~Vani

grrraaaaiiinnnssssss.png picture by vanirfreyja


Vanirfreyja, Apr 11, 10 3:52 PM.
Hello Everyone~
Here's this weeks edition of the news!
The gang took down a couple of big baddies this week, and got some amazing shinies in return!

Tuesday was Odin

ffxi_20100406_211147.png picture by vanirfreyja
He was as hospitable as ever. In fact, he missed us so much he gave us awesome presents!
Congratulations to Chojiro on Phantasmal Abj. Body!
Congratulations to Yasato on Earthen Abj. Legs!
File:Adaman Breeches.JPG
Congratulations to Pancrazio on Phantasmal Abj. Legs!

and Congratulations to Noryoko on his new sexy Hofud!!
ffxi_20100406_215134.png picture by vanirfreyja

Just look at those swords! Mmmm!

Later in the week we paid Jailer of Love a long overdue visit
JOL4810.png picture by vanirfreyja

and he must have missed us too because we got amazing drops!

ffxi_20100408_215419.png picture by vanirfreyja
Congrats you guys!!!
and then, yes, that's right! Full drops!!

ffxi_20100408_234108.png picture by vanirfreyja
ffxi_20100408_234501.png picture by vanirfreyja
Congrats guys! and thanks Durtydurty for holding that Novia for Sleazysicko since he likes to D/C on us! Grats Sleazy!

That concludes this news post! Quite a successful week imo :D See you next time!

Linkshell Goodies~

Vanirfreyja, Apr 4, 10 3:57 AM.
~Hello Everyone!~
This is Vani today, doing the news for my Sammikins! So here's am update on what this rascally LS has been up to for the past month or so~

The end of February proved to be really good for Magicide's lower half! Congratulations to him on Shrewd Pumps and Homam Legs!
Homam Cosciales

To start off March, we headed off to Sky to harass some sky gods for their goodies! 
Congratulations to those who got delicious sky gear!
Kirin's Osode ~ Durtydurty
D. Body Abj. ~ Durtydurty
Genbu's Kabuto ~ Andraana 
M. Hands Abj. ~ Evanze

Around the beginning of the month we had a fruitful Fomor Kings run!
Congratulations to Miori on our second pair of Shrewd Pumps and Myrrh on our first pair of Setanta's Ledelsens! Yummy!
We also got some pretty new 2handers for Andraana! Grats on his Cracked Staff and Blunt Lance!

Some more kickin' around in Sky got us a few more shinies!
A. Legs Abj. ~ Rakshantwo and Magicide
N. Feet Abj. ~ Magicide, Evanze and Baywolf
M. Head Abj ~ Chojiro
D. Head Abj. ~ Tazzen

Somwhere along the line we paid Proto-Omega a visit, and all we got were these awesome gloves!
Congratulations Durtydurty!!
Homam Manopolas

We can never seem to go very long without paying our beloved dark brethren a visit, so back to the past we went.. to take their stuff! >:D
Chipped Scimitar ~ Bishumonten
Edgeless Knife ~ Andraana
Grats to Miori on our first pair of Bahram Cuisses!!

The gang went farming around in sea and got moar stuffz!
Congratulations Maestrael on her Astute Cape!
Astute Cape
and congratulations to Unstopable, Baywolf and fobos on their shiny new Hope Torques!
Hope Torque
Pew pew pew!

Back to Apollyon we go~ to get Chojiro some yummy Homam body!
Homam Corazza

Nearing the end of the month, we met up with our old friend, Odin. He was all, hey, i got you this E BODY woo!
Congratulations Pancrazio!
PancrazioGlamourshotEBody.png picture by vanirfreyja
congratulations to Immortaldeath on E. Hands Abj,
and Bishumonten on P. Head Abj!

O M G more Fomor Kings? Oh hell yeah!
Dull Claymore ~ Spearus
Edgeless Knife ~ Pancrazio
Cracked Staff ~ Durtydurty

Time for an exciting Dynamis Update! 3/28/10 we did Dynamis-Tavnazia :O!
Relic Gear!
Assassin's Culottes ~ Miori
Cleric's Briault ~ Vanirfreyja
Argute Mortarboard ~ Kheldaar
Wyrm Armet ~ Yotevol
Saotome Domaru ~ Israfel, then the floor!
Hydra Bracers ~ Vanirfreyja

To wrap up March, we did Dynamis-Xarcabard!
Dynamis-Xarcabard33110.png picture by vanirfreyja
Bard's Cannions ~ Vanirfreyja
Scout's Jerkin ~ Andraana
Summoner's Horn ~ Exo
Etoile Casaque ~ Iseabal
Melee Crown ~ Nightbear
Valor Surcoat ~ Dajociont

Last but not least, for this news post anyway, we began a new month with something different for a change, 
The Wyrmking Descends

BV24110.png picture by vanirfreyja

Congratulations to Miori and Sleazysicko on Dragon's Staves!

Congratulations to Pancrazio on Bahamut's Zaghnal!
File:Bahamut's Zaghnal.PNG

Conrgratulations to Fobos on Bahamut's Hose
Bahamut's Hose

Well that concludes this post! See you back here next week!


NoryandDajolololoololololoololol-1.png picture by vanirfreyja
Nory & Dajo


Much needed February update!

sammikins+1, Feb 24, 10 3:56 PM.
Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to a much needed update of the news!
We have been so busy with events, I don't even know where to start.
Well, yes I do.
Let's go back to Odin at the top of the month.

Double Wbodies go~
Grats to the following on their loots:

Yasashi and Paiege on Wbodies
Janika on Hlegs
Durtydurty on Valhalla Helm

And here's Durty showin' off his new helm:

We've done many a kirin, grats to everyone on your shinies from him,
 Did some Bv2, grats to Arioch and Yasashi on Bahamut's Masks,
also Grats to Fobos and Yasashi on Temperance Torques from the 8th.

We've been busy with Dynamis also, and have been doing quite a few Xarcs lately.

Saw some nice drops on the last one!
Grats to:

Israfel on RDM and BLU hats
Rakshantwo on BLM hat
Arkanethered on TH4

And our Sandy from Sunday, grats to all the people who won stuff (too many to count!).

And grats to Dajo, for breaking Dynamis.  :E
Not only did we not get our 30 minutes because he one-shotted the statue, but he broke Yasashi's COR and made Orcs dance on us!

See?!  What a jerkface!  D:<

K, Now for last night's Odin.
I think that was the fastest one we've done yet...
Grats to the following on their stuffs, and good job to us!

Finally, for last night's Omega. *phew*
Good farming run, got a chip and quite a few coins and synth.

Grats to Yasashi on Homam feets and Aiyame on Homam head!
Here's bat showing them off~

And that concludes the massive update!
'Til next time, folks~
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