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We are currently recruiting. You must be lvls 70-80 and idealy PvE speced.
The Guild Bank
Jan 30, 09 9:16 PM
Welcome to your the website of the guild Enigma!

We are a 70+ PvE guild for WoW based on the server Chromaggus. If you are not a member and are considering it, pst Agnarius or mail him ingame.

If you are already a member here, please read the Info tab to the left, and check up on the events, news, shouts, etc from time to time. There is also a Gallery section to the right under events. Currently there are no pictures, if u have any u would like to put in there, either talk to me, or go for it, if u have the access.

ALL MEMBERS HAVE THE ABILITY TO INVITE, START RECRUITING ALL 70+'S, SO WE CAN START DOING SOME 10-MANS. It is greatly appreciated if you donate to the gbank too, to help us grow.
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The Guild Bank

Agnarius, Jan 30, 09 9:16 PM.
All donations to the guild bank are appreciated and needed. We need to start getting more tabs, money for repair bills, mats, gear, etc.
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