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Arena Wars!
Feb 25, 09 9:48 PM
Need new leader for union branch!
Feb 10, 09 12:08 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jan 31, 09 2:21 PM
About The Groups.

This is a combined site for both the Supergroup Eserah and their arch nemeses the villainous Desolatia. Both are located on the Defiant server.

We aim to provide a friendly, relaxed and fun environment for all members and will be running regular competitions to get members more involved with both groups, including the occasional raid on each others bases to "test" the defenses.

Recruitment Details/Instructions.

Both Eserah and Desolatia are currently recruiting and we are looking for mature players who like to have fun and a bit of banter whilst playing the game. Ignore the numbers in the pane below for the moment, that's more of a site building experiment.

If you wish to join then make an account by clicking on New User link at the top of this page by the login boxes. Then once created head back here and sign in. Go to the forums by clicking the link on the left hand side and fill out an application in the "Recruitment" forum, lastly click the ->JOIN THIS GUILD<- text which should be located in the left hand pane also.

As soon as I or another leader/admin receive notification of your application you will be contacted in game so that you can be recruited.

Regards and see you in game!

Eserah-Desolatia is currently recruiting the following:
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Blasters (2)
Controllers (2)
Defenders (2)
Peacebringers (2)
Scrappers (2)
Tankers (2)
Warshades (2)
Arachnos Soldiers (2)
Arachnos Widows (2)
Brutes (2)
Corruptors (2)
Dominators (2)
Masterminds (2)
Stalkers (2)
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