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Welcome to Live and Let Die Guild Web Site.

LALD is a guild formed with a small group of dedicated friends with similar
aims and goals in WoW, to reach and conquer the end game instances while still
being able to relax and most importantly have fun. All of us have TBC
experience and some of us also have pre TBC experience to, we seek

members of similar knowledge and skill to help us with our progress towards

all end game
content  .
The guild isn't running as smooth as it was, this is down to new people being here
and not really knowing the rules .
Heres a New update.

Were a friendly guild , please make a effort to be chatty and friendly in guild chat .
Most of all were a guild thats there to help each other .
"There is no "I" in Team , it is us"

If your a member please do NOT pug Raids unless agreed with a officer or gm,

a saved member is a useless one .

Thank you for visiting us here. If yoyu have not do so all ready please register if you

are a guild member if not then feel free to look around our site.

Hi all this is our new guild web site its still in test form so any thing you 
find wrong or if you have any new ideas about the web site

please feel free to tell myself (Warhammertu) or Dream , Darkconan , Aravis.

Thank you and enjoy your stay here.

Screenshots From Naxxramas

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