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Welcome friends

This is days of war and adventuring. As a member of TheWARP id like to encourage all members to go pvp in the scenarios and in all possible way ingame granted. I give you 3 reasons (nah 4).
  1. The guild earns rank
  2. You earn xp and pvp rank
  3. You die alot but make good friends
  4. I never made as much pvp on my other MMORG platforms as i do in WAR, and its funn indeed! So this is my legacy to the guild:
    • Organice pvp in groups and train your roles in the warmashine you should work as.
    • Try mix people in groups to learn who play well together.
    • Train different Clases. so you allways can ballance your groups.
    • It takes time, days weeks month to train a striketeam, plus people also have a life in real world, so they cant be online allways.
    • Playing online is about meeting people. (Else play singleplayergames).

A guild evolves by the members active in game, thats why this homepage should be updated with members diskussions.

Remember; make funn -have funn.

If you ever need more help please feel free to use our support form!

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TheWARP, Feb 2, 09 10:04 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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