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Luthrex (Officer) 4/8/2010 12:27 AM EST : Wizard AA Specs

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I thought I might share what I am doing and why.  I am of course very interested in any feedback if anyone out there has any recommendations for improvement. 

STR 4-4-10
AGI 9-4-10-1-8
WIS 10-4-10-1-8
SF 2

On the Sorcerer tree above, I basically put the minimum down the strength line in order to get to spell crit, which I then maxed out.  As I get better equipment in the new expansion, I imagine that the cap is going to be reached fairly easily at which point I will likely respec out of the strength line all together.  I am just not sure at this point what I would want to spec into.

For the Agility line I went down the line to get the casting, reuse speed, and the recovery speed maxed out.  Ambidextrous Casting (AC) was really something I just through my extra points in.  This being said, unless the mobs have a 360 AOE that I cannot take as a squishy, I tend to plant myself with the scouts and melee the mobs too.  AC can be cast simultaneously with spells so when macro'd with another spell, it is equivalently free DPS.

For the Wisdom line I maxed out Freehand Sorcery (FS) (28% additional damage to next spell) and Brainstorm (Increases base damage 4% at max).  Sagacity was also take to reduce the power cost of all spells by 12%.  I the maxed out Mental Acuity, the SF endline that adds an enhancement to FS of 24% crit bonus.  I will tend to use FS as the predecessor to Ice Comet, Fusion, or Blast of Devastation.  Go figure but adding 28% additional damage and 24% crit bonus to the biggest nukes is just an all around good thing.  Just pay attention to aggro and be prepared to toss your deaggro's if needed.

Blast of Devastation is the new endline for SF at the bottom of this tree.  It is basically a mini-Fusion doing ~1/2 of the amount of damage that Fusion does, but with a much faster recast time, cast time, and hits 8 targets instead of 3 *YUM*.

FIRE-All maxed through Fireshape except Surge of Ro (4)
ICE-All maxed through Iceshape
SF (Theory)-5-5-5-3-5-5-2

For the Wizard tree above, I spec'd for maximum DPS.  Hence all the points went into maxing all offensive spells down the fire based (left tree) and cold based (right tree).  The only items I am not convinced that I want to keep are Fireshape and Surge of Ro, as I am using Iceshape and Frigid Gift on every fight as often as it is up to turn everything into cold based spells so that the procs on Frigid Gift can occur on every spell.  Surge of Ro is like Frigid Gift, but for heat and is mutually exclusive of each other.  I am actually trying to learn how to stagger the 2 since there is some considerable downtime between the Iceshape wearing off and its ability to be reused.

The middle 2 columns are for defense, mana regen, and hate control.  If the mage knows what they are doing, they can usually use their base hate controls to not pull/keep aggro so spec'ing to enhance that I felt was kind of a waste.  The same argument applies for the defensive enhancements.  Stay away from the mobs if they have 360 AOE's that you and your healers can not handle, stay behind the mob if they only have frontal AOE or no AOE and you want to melee a little for some "free DPS", and be cognizant of your hate meter while prepared to use the deaggro's you have in case you get hate and the defensive enhancements are not needed.  The mana regen on the other hand would be nice to have for when you are not supplied with such in a group/raid, but there are just not enough points to spend to get those if you want to max DPS.

The SF line on this tree is the "sweet spot" for Wizards in the new expansion and will be where most of my new xpac AA's will go.  Every item there will be maxed out with the exception of the magma chamber enhancement.  The only thing this item does is increase the duration of the stun by 0.6 seconds per point spent.  Great in PvP.....not so great in PvE (especially vs epic mobs).  One really special item of note is the 5th item in this list "Frost Blade".  Effectively it is Frigid Gift for Melee. I am thinking the tanks are going to like this. *YUM*

I have had a lot of tanks (outside of raiding) ask me why I don't spec for Manaburn, especially for when there is a Coercer/Illy there to feed me power and significantly enhance the damage capabilities with power regen.  Personally I see Manaburn as one of the biggest wastes of time for a couple reasons.  First, if you don't kill the mob, the mob WILL try to kill you.  Second, you must be at the top of the hate list in order to cast it.  If you are at the top of the hate list and your first thought is to manaburn and not deaggro.....well you are just a dead Wizard and dead DPS is no DPS....  If you are at the top of the hate list you are just doing something wrong IMHO.  Manaburn is useful for soloing, but that is about it.

The endline on the SF tree is one that I think I am going to have to play with a little.  From what I can tell it is a 10 second spell that over its duration reduces the damage of all spells cast and stores that energy.  At termination it releases all that damage (not sure if there is an exponential factor or not) into a single massive blast.  I am thinking this will be the downfall of many mages who are not prepared to deaggro immediately afterwards (Bewilderment anyone???)  ::)


The Shadow tree above will not need to be changed IMHO with the new expansion.  The increase of 10 AA's cap on this tree do nothing for me and are better spent on the Wizard Tree.

General line:  The only item on this line that has any value IMHO is the one that increases power.  A lot of threads I have seen recommend Hearty Constitution to increase HP, but let’s face it.  If you are getting pounded on, the nominal increase in HP that this provides will likely make no difference as a squishy.  Instead I chose Pet of the Gods for the Intelligence stat increase (Solusek Ro).  With the removal of the stat cap in the new xpac, any additional INT is a good thing.

Mage Line:  Well tbh I personally screwed up here.  I maxed out Magi Shielding enhancement but didn't select Magi Shielding on the Wizard tree... I will probably respec this tree and put those 5 points into root mastery for soloing, but have not decided yet.  The Solar Flare enhancement was the only thing really on this line that did me any good (except for the endline) but the 10 points needed to be spent to advance the line and get the endline for the mage line.  Speaking of which.... Bewilderment....IMHO this was the single best AA to come out of TSO.  Every Wizard should have this.  Instant cast, fairly quick recast, does some ok damage while at the same time instantly dropping you out of the top spot on the hate meter for those times you go OH %$@* that’s an x4 bearing down on me!!!  Gotta Love it .

Sorcerer Line: Several good things on this line.  I placed my points into increasing the base and critical damage of Flames of Velious.  More importantly I also maxed out Sorcery Mastery (Increase base and crit dmg of Ice Comet by 10%) and Critical Mastery (+5% critical damage to all professional skills).  But really like the endline on this tree too.  Thunderclap does some decent DPS for an almost instant cast fast reuse spell.  I actually have this spell high on my casting order and it is getting recast every time it comes back up.

Wizard Line:  Lot-so-good-stuff on this line to enhance DPS, and most of them self explanatory.  This tree has 2 endlines.  Hail Storm is kinda nice and one I have high on my casting order.  Does some decent DPS, DoT’s for some more,  and on termination explodes in an AOE.  Heat Mastery is also kinda nice in that Ice Shape only lasts so long and has some considerable downtime before reuse.  This ability will then kick in enhancing the damage of heat based spells in the interim.

I will add some more on my casting order to this as well a little later.

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Luthrex (Officer) 4/8/2010 7:49 PM EST : RE: Wizard AA Specs

Posts: 70

Ok here is an attempt at discussing my casting order....try not to laugh too hard as I KNOW this is where I need the help. 


The First colum (2 hotbars over and under) ar my attack bars, the second column (2 Hotbars over and under) are aggro control (top line 1st bar), cures (bottom line 1st bar), and power management (all of the second bar except for my one mez).  And finally, the last column (1 hotbar) are my buffs).

Attacks: Casting order is as follows:
Iceshield (Dmg shield with 3 procs.  Cast on tank EVERYTIME it is up)
Iceshape with Frigid Gift Macro
Furnace of Ro
Icicle Flurry with Ambidextrous Casting Macro
Flames of Velious
Magma Chamber
Storming Tempest
Freehand Sorcery Followed by either
Ice Comet or
Fusion or
Blast of Devastation or
Rays of Disintigration
***Names will get all 4 if appropriate and good aggro control and the FHS will go on Ice Comet***
Ball of Magma
Solar Flare
Firestorm with Ambidextrous Casting Macro
Glacial Wind
Storm of Lightning

Fireshape and Masters Stike will get thrown in where appropriate.  if group encounters, the AOE's will get moved up towards the top.  In all cases the spells towards the top of the casting order are the ones that have priority.  As they come back up, they get recast no matter where i am in the casting order.

Aggro Control:  1st 2 spells are roots, 3rd slows target encounter, last 3 are deaggro's.  The most important on this line is the last one which is bewilderment.  That is the emergency deaggro that immediately drops you from the top of the hate list.

Any suggestions here are HIGHLY appreciated!!

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Kalerran (Applicant) 6/8/2010 3:14 AM EST : RE: Wizard AA Specs

Posts: 30

well i cant post about the wizzy tree hehe but i can for the sorcerer tree

the way i did mine is different from urs a bit but this way i did maxs out my dps and it counting on a bard in the group with putting me over max crit really for mobs. though even if i didnt have a troub i would switch out gear for crit and not change my spec at all. Also the second spec is my dehate spec that helps when tanks cant hold aggro and i have no dehate from group but i rarely use it anyway.
Summon Familiar-1
Wisdom Line:
Freehand-8 (spent AAs in other trees but might use last 2 AAs to make it 10, not worried about the 4% with some spells already being at max boost with the 24% already.....yes there is a limit to how much this will increase a spell with all ur normal stat boosts)
Ward of Sages-4
This line i did the way i did to have FS give me a boost for a spell damage of an attack and the overall boost of damage with brainstorm. Also cant beat the power cost reduction of Sagacity.

Agility Line:
Ambidexterous Casting-4
Shift Momentum-8
I did this line the way i did for the increase of casting for spellshaping and the resuse speed of spellshifting. I put 8 in SF for the more movement speed and just to get down to the good stuff.

Strength Line:
Static Discharge-10
Deflecting Staff-8
Spell Expertise-4
I did the 10 in SD for eh extra AE which is nice for dps, the 8 in DS to survive a bit better, 4 in SE only bc i dont need SC really with how the gear in this exp is so SC friendly, and i did catalyst bc its a spell all mages should have. I have done act parses and that buff has made so much of a difference for a spell with criting and crit multiplier by 25% that its a big dps thing to have. plus with a few AAs in the focuse catalyst it can be reused quickly.

Endline of Sorcerer's Tree
Focused Catalyst-3
Mental Recovery-5
Mental Acuity-8
Blast of Devastation-2
I did 3 in FC to lower the reuse and resistabilty of the next spell, 5 in MR bc there isnt a real reason to put all 8 in there with groups and such having buffs to make recovery speed higher, 8 in MA to make that FS have a 24% crit bonus which is nice, and of course BoD is a must with 2 in that to get my nice new cone AoE

***Only difference with my dehate spec and dps is the Int line i went down it 8-4-10-1 and put the 3 i had int FC into HR in bottom of the tree****

Also as a note for anyone to make the most fo thier DPS do this simple efficiency formula for ur spells/CAs and ull increase ur dps. Put ur spells/CAs in order of most efficient (biggest number to least one)

[(Base Damage+Max Damage)/2]/(casting time)

if its a dot then just add up all the base damage for the base damage portion adn the max damage for that portion

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