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Welcome to the Official Website for <CORE>

<CORE> is located in Star Wars Galaxies on the (Flurry) Server.


Return of the Shuttle Port

Shy-ster, Mar 10, 09 9:13 PM.
Congrats to <CORE> with the return of the Shuttle Port for Bedlam...  Thanks to everyone who set houses and declared residence.  We are still recruiting members for the guild with an all in (guild support) requirement.  So lets keep moving forward.

Brovo Zelu !!


Shy-ster, Feb 7, 09 9:42 AM.
  Just a reminder...  -RAW- has not disbanded...  -RAW- has merged back with its mother guild <CORE>.  We got the chance to reclaim our origional guild <CORE> and in hopes of making one strong guild we voted to merge.  We welcome ALL members of -RAW- to join our new/old family.  PST Frost-dwon, Shyster, Blackblood asap, so we can get yall set up.

See yall over in <CORE> !!


Website access

Shy-ster, Feb 7, 09 9:33 AM.
Welcome to our new website...
     CORE members, when you are granted member access to the website...  Please create your user name to reflect your INGAME name.  You may have to play with the spelling, but no worries...  You can set your Main character's with the correct spelling when you create your MAIN Character.  Please leave off your ALT Characters names.  I will create a page dedicated for that purpose.  Buy doing this for me, this will allow me to create guild medals and on the Guildmates Roster every member will be able to see what decorations each of our members hold.  Guild medals is a work inprogress...  Please be patient.

Thank you for supporting your guild,
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