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10 Man Nax!
Mar 15, 09 12:49 AM
New Congress Member
Feb 28, 09 12:01 AM
New WebSite
Feb 6, 09 3:23 PM
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Welcome to the web space for "Conspiracy". For those of you who don't know us, we're a horde guild of about 100+ on the The Venture Co (RPPVP) server.

We're mostly focused on PvE, though we welcome and share some PvP and RP interest. (Guild chat is OOC.) Our main goals right now are to get our guildies leveled up and start learning the new WOTLK game content, as well as have fun and pick up some nice gear along the way. Our members are easy-going and mature, though if you're interested in joining our ranks, you have to have a sense of humor and know how to take a joke. :)

We have all the essentials: a website (obviously), ventrilo, guild banks, & tabard!
Other Guild News

10 Man Nax!

Prokrypt, Mar 15, 09 12:49 AM.
Conspiracy Moved into Naxxramas (10 Man) Last night to tackle some of its Wings, and with the help of a few Fill in's We had a Great Time.

Congratz Guild on stepping up and taking on the roles everyone played in the Dowining of Three Wings of Naxxramas. With limited players knowing the encounters I think we did very well, We struggled a few times but didn't give up and pushed foward on into Naxxramas.

Boss Loot Drops
Please note that all items marked with a * were Disenchanted Players Name means they Won the Shard.

Anub'Rekhan - Death 3/14/09 | 3rd Attempt
[item]Knife of Incision[/item] - Hope (Rogue)
*[item]Splint-Bound Leggings[/item] - Fleep (Hunter)

Grand Widow Faerlina - Death 3/14/09 | 2nd Attempt
[item]Bracers of Lost Sentiments[/item] - Tbooted (Paladin)
*[item]Avenging Combat Leggings[/item] - Bloodtusk (Druid)

Maexxna - Death 3/14/09 | 4th Attempt
[item]Aegis of Damnation[/item] - Kazzin (Paladin)
*[item]Avenging Combat Leggings[/item] - Prokrypt (Death Knight)

We are heading back into Naxxramas again today to finish up some  areas

New Congress Member

Prokrypt, Feb 28, 09 12:01 AM.
We would like to announce that we have Promoted  one of our members to Congress. Lets all take this time and Congratulate Saphirá her dedication to the guild and getting raid ready proves shes willing to take on New Responsabilities and not Let personal feelings get in the way.

She was promoted based on her guild involvement and her willingness to go the extra mile to put effort in getting ready to run Heroics and Raids with in the guild.

New WebSite

Prokrypt, Feb 6, 09 3:23 PM.
We our Proud to announce we have a new website (obviously) So All members are asked to register on this one as our old one (at gL) will be removed/deleted shortly please note that some new changes are coming to our guild site and our guild as a whole.

We will have more information about our guild changes shortly as we are currently setting up our guild website.

Thank you Conspiracy Guild Management
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