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This guild is completely disbanded and no one is currently a member. If you stumbled across this, turn around and good luck out there in the wow world.

Other Guild News

Website Update

Verakum85, Aug 25, 09 9:20 AM.
I have Updated the website with the new Guild Progression Box added our recent kills I am Planning to add a Box where i can post the recent Guild Boss Achievements. For example this past week we as a guild achieved the rank of second guild on the server to get Shadowdodger which is a great boost for the guild :) .

Guys Congratulations, lets keep this going and lets recruit more and make DP famous. :)

Also Congratulations on the kills of Northrend Beasts and Lord Jarrasux (10 man) not many guild have got into TOC raids yet... so we can be happy about it. (ill upload the pictures this week)

Dark Prophecy is back and STRONG!

Verakum85, Jun 16, 09 9:52 AM.
Hell it isn't a lie when i tell that i am really really happy to see how we did progress this past week.

Although i wasn't there to see it, nor help, I am thrilled to know that we are back and strong pawning these bosses in to the dark pit of dark prophecy graveyard. (lol)

Enough the blabbering. Congratulation guys on killing these 3 bosses specially Kologarn.. we blinded that bitch finally :)

When someone has his eyes on you you just stick your fingers in them ;)

Poor cat lady... she won't be able to read any books anymore.

The Ulduar Jedi Iron Council is down thanks to the Sith Masters of Dark Prophecy.

Ignis melted

Verakum85, Jun 8, 09 9:19 AM.
Congratulations DP on the killing of Ignis the Furnace.

Second time we try him and we killed him pretty swiftly with this new strategy, he was damn easy to kill, all thanks to you DP.

Keep this going and we will be able to clear Uld in no time.

Congratulations on those that got...

Heroic: Shattered & Heroic: The Siege of Ulduar

Congratulations again DP... now lets go for Kologarn he has his eyes on us...

Guild Merge

Verakum85, May 31, 09 10:46 PM.
On May 24th, our guild Dark Prophecy started the merged with our great friends from the guild Forgotten Ones.

This is a process that has been on talk for about a month, but now we can enjoy this huge guild help on progressing though this great game.

We started with the right foot on raiding Ulduar 25 and killing Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT getting Nerf Engineering.

Congratulations DP and FO. I hope to see more raids in the future.

This also reminds me that one of the top guilds in the world (Ensidia) just formed from a merge between 2 guilds last year... who knows maybe we can be the USA Ensidia :)

25 Razorscale downed!

KorizZzz, May 26, 09 12:25 AM.
Nice 1-shot everyone!  Congrats to everyone who received loot.

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