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The Drop Squad
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We made the top #100!!!
Sep 30, 10 8:51 AM
Aiming for top #100!!!
Mar 29, 10 3:40 AM
The SG is still going
Sep 9, 09 2:07 PM
SG Team Up
Feb 13, 09 3:44 PM
Tips for getting as much prestige as possible
Feb 11, 09 10:08 AM
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Welcome to The Drop Squad!

We are a fairly casual and relaxed SG, mainly focused on having fun.

Oh.. and we plan on becoming a top #100 SG as well :-)

The history of the SG (in reverse):

September 2010: The Drop Squad breaks into top #100 on Guardian!

April 2010 (generation 4): The chase for top #100 begins! Recruit every fun person you meet to help in the race!

Phase of decline (late 2009-): Life happened to the members and things slowed down. Two people got to 50 during that era (our first 50s!), bringing in heaps of prestige but as of feb-2010 there are only two active players and their alts in the SG. We now go into hibernation and await a revival. If anyone wants to resurrect the SG (it is easier to begin with this SG than a new one without any base) and take a leadership and recruitment role, just Skaggmannen know

Generation 3 (jan 2009): Some of the generation 2 leadership gets the brilliant idea to grow the SG quickly by offering influence for prestige. This proves very successful and, from among the generation 2 leadership, Combat Kitty, Three Hours Later, Rain of Arrows and Skagg Mannen are elected for leadership.  Trilor is chosen for his commitment to lead US recruiting and is also put in charge of base building. He is the one who constructed our great base we have now.

The generation 3 goal of the SG was to build a big fat base and have fun. We got a base with porters and everyting operational, but then something happened.

Generation 2: Skagg Mannen inherits the SG and starts inviting friends, mostly Swedes. All small base is built.

Ancient past (-2008): Someone founds the SG and then leaves.


Please help yourself to anything in the base. The stuff is there for you to use!

Please enter any suggestions you might have here (in the forum).



You are awarded 100 million influence for reaching 500.000 prestige (and every time you get another 500.000 prestige).

You are awarded a 200 million influence bonus for reaching 1 mill prestige (so when you reach a million, you have received a total of 100+100+200=  400 million prestige)

This replaces the old reward system. 

We made the top #100!!!

Skaggmannen, Sep 30, 10 8:51 AM.
I told you we could do it ... and we did it!

Aiming for top #100!!!

Skaggmannen, Mar 29, 10 3:40 AM.
Remember that you saw it here first. We are going for top #100.

Right now, it takes 26 million  prestige to get there. We have one!

So it is quite a bold statement, but it is what is going to happen.

To help this happen:

* Always run in SG mode (you are compensated for running in it after lvl 25, see frontpage of Guild site)
* Always recruit new and fun people
* Be positive

If we really want it, we can do it!

The SG is still going

Skaggmannen, Sep 9, 09 2:07 PM.
Just wanted to let you know that the SG is still going. We have stopped the active recruiting and I think we have lost Trilor, but we are still around. Right now we are trying to gather prestige to get the biggest plot and then build on the excellent base Trilor built for us.

Ok, there has been a little recruiting the last few days :-) The offer of 50.000 inf for 1000 prestige still stands.

SG Team Up

Skaggmannen, Feb 13, 09 3:44 PM.
We ran our first SG Teamup on Friday the 13th (how clever was that?). A bunch of mighty heroes showed up and King's Row was safer than ever for several hours, going from lvl 11 to lvl 14 mishes.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Tips for getting as much prestige as possible

Skaggmannen, Feb 11, 09 10:08 AM.
If you are really intent on grinding lots and lots of prestige, here are a few tips:

* Turn on your SG mode and keep it on

* Team only for fun because you don't earn lots of prestige only lots of xp 

* Move from mission to mission quickly and with purpose

* Log out at the base for the extra prestige bonus on mission completion

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