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Shard Runs for the Next Week (3-6 ~ 3-3)

Adaarye, Mar 5, 09 10:20 PM.
Shard runs! Be ready. I have a level 50 alt to gray them with so they should go even faster.

3-6 Friday 4pm PST ~ 7pm EST

3-7 Saturday 1PM PST ~ 4p EST

3-8 Sunday 1PM PST ~ 4p EST

3-9 Monday 4pm PST ~ 7pm EST

3-10 Tuesday 4pm PST ~ 7pm EST

3-11 Wednesday 4PM PST ~ 7pm EST

3-12 Thursday 4PM PST ~ 7p EST

3-13 Friday 4pm PST ~ 7pm EST
Elysium's Charter
Our Purpose

Our goal is not to find and execute well-organized raids or to make it to endgame with any haste. We merely see the need for community in the game. Our goal is to provide a sense of community for our members.

People searching for others to group with, assistance from those who have played for quite some time, or simply a place they can call home will hopefully find all they are looking for here. As a casual guild, we do not require adherence to strict schedules or quotas on kills, status, or other contributions in order to remain in the guild. We, as a family, try to provide a more relaxing, stress free enviorment for people to enjoy. 

Merit and consideration will be given to all ideas, suggestions, and issues equally as this was the foundation upon which Elysium was formed.

Key Points about Elysium

We are a mature guild and profanity is not prohibited. Playful banter and joking insults are common for those of us who know each other well. We encourage anyone who becomes offended by the actions of another in guild to speak to that person and try to peacefully and calmly resolve the issue. While the officers and leaders do not want to become involved in petty squabbles, should the need arise, we will deal quickly and justly with any disagreement. If profanity bothers you, we suggest ensuring your filter is turned on in your game options and leave guild voice chat if offended by some of the more playful and mature banter that may take place.

Lastly, as a casual guild, while we enjoy game content, we do not seek it at all costs. Nor are we intent on getting our guild on any leaderboards. We welcome guild members to group up with each other, however, grouping is optional, dependent on the person and their goals at the time. It is perfectly acceptable to seek out people outside the guild to group with, especially if no one in the guild is able or desires to group at the time.

We strive to provide information that is helpful on our guild website. We encourage members to use these resources to seek answers to questions about class, quest, spell lines, gear and class specs. Some questions may be answered easily in guild chat while others do require a little effort to find. Officers and leaders may not always have a ready answer so feel free to use the website to find answers independently.


We are looking to add more mature fun family members, whom want to play the game without drama, pressure or demands. People that enjoy lots of fun and laughs, and to be part of a family that works together for the good of the guild and of each other. At the time of recruitment, anyone applying must read and agree to this charter.


While we can never be 100 percent sure of the accuracy of the answers we receive when we ask someone if they are in another guild, we do not in any way support our members belonging to more than one guild.

Our members who put in effort solely to this guild deserve and should expect the same from anyone else joining us. To settle for less is selling our guild short.

While we are a casual guild, we are not an alt guild for those who are in guilds that do not allow alts for whatever reason.

New Members

There is a two week probabtion period for recruits. During this time both recruit and current members will decide if we are a good fit. At some point during this time period, recruits are required to register with Guild Portal and submit an App to the guild so that the recruit may be given forum access.

Guild Leadership

Our guild leadership consists of our guild leaders Zordar and Adaarye. At this time there will be no officers. When the guild grows, and the need arises, we will revisit whether or not to add officers.

Guild Chat and Guild Voice Chat Policy

Always remember that there is a person behind the keyboard for every member of this guild. Treat everyone with respect at all times. Harrassment of any sort or making derogatory comments about another player other than in our usual playful manner won't be tolerated. Anyone that does not adhere to these simple rules will be asked to leave guild voice chat immediately. We have zero tolerance for malicious disrespect and condescending elitism.

That being said, remember this is a mature guild and mature language and mature humor are ever present and allowed.

Loot Policy

Elysium's loot policy is "need before greed". Our goal is to provide the opportunity for our membership to gear up. It is our belief that by helping our members, regardless of level, only serves to make Elysium a stronger guild. A well geared guild will be able to succeed when doing instance runs, missions, quests, HQ's, Shard Instances, and attemping member Epic objectives.

Guild Bank Policy

The guild bank is for the guild to donate items for guild members and the guild hall. No donation is ever too small and no donation ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. If there happens to be an item in either of the member slots they you might have need of please contact an officer.

Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is for our members to use and enjoy. There will be planned instance runs to pay for Guild Hall upkeep and amenities. In addition, there will be planned writ groups to raise money and status so that the Guild Hall will evolve as the guild grows. During these groups, all loot and rare collection pieces will be collected to be sold UNLESS someone needs them. In that case, the item in need will go to the person who needs it.

We will start with a T1 hall and as we grow, status and money earned from group instances and writ groups will be useful to keep the Guild Hall up to date for guild needs. It is up to all of us to support the Guild Hall and it's growth in any way we can.


As with Everquest itself, there may be times our charter may need to change. All members will be notified when and if changes are made.
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