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Refugees of Luclin was founded in 2004 on the Elune server shortly after the launch of World of Warcraft.  Initially comprised by former Everquest players, Refugees of Luclin began as a guild to get away from the "raid or die" mentality of Everquest.  This continued until a few months after The Burning Crusade was released.  Interest was expressed in running 10 man content so we started weekly Karazhan runs and eventually ventured into Zul'Aman

Fast forward to Wrath of the Lich King and Refugees of Luclin is still going strong and we still have many of our founding members.  We have defeated all 10 man 3.0 content except Sarth 3D. Despite all of our raiding, we still strive to maintain a casual attitude.


Dancing Dwarves are never bad, but going afk right before we pull is.

Other Guild News

U FACE JARAXXUS agian this week for 5 frosty badges

Dixon S. Jones, Jan 13, 10 12:53 AM.

Happy new year!

Dixon S. Jones, Jan 1, 10 6:03 AM.
Some people celebrate the new year with fireworks, or watching the ball drop.  I logged on to my elemental shaman and did a little of both... but instead of a brightly lit orb that dropped, it was about 7 Alliance.

First Wing of Icecrown Defeated

Chillrend_RoL, Dec 13, 09 1:36 AM.
Friday night - Downed Marrowgarr, Deathwhisper, and Gunship

Saturday night -  Downed Saurfang.

Now we just have to wait a month for new content.    Hurray for gated progression!

Instance Stability FTW!

Chillrend_RoL, Dec 10, 09 1:27 PM.
Well we finally made it into ICC10, killed some trash and got surprised by the invisible alarm trash, then wiped.  At which point we were blocked from reentry by the infamous door boss.

So we said screw it and stomped on Onyxia, ToC, and the weekly raid boss.  Good times were had by all except Jones.  Rogues don't deserve heals.

Yup we are still here

Chillrend_RoL, Dec 7, 09 4:09 PM.
No new is good new right?

Anyway, it has been a long time since our last update.  We've been sticking to 10 mans mostly.  Onyxia and ToC with a few Ulduar hard modes here and there.  We did finally beat Yogg-Saron several weeks ago.  That felt good after wiping so many times pre-nerf (mind controls sucked, along with not knowing who triggered the clouds).  None of us have felt the need to go back since his loot mostly sucks.

Now we are eagerly awaiting patch 3.3....
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