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    Welcome to the All For One guild website!  We are currently recruiting most classes and are looking forward to getting a raid schedule together for 10-Man Naxxramas, 10-Man Obsidian Sanctum, and eventually work our way up to 10-Man Malygos.

   Our guild is not your regular run of the mill guild however, this guild is leaned more towards adults and does sometimes use some fowl language.  Unfortunately no kids are allowed in the guild because of this reason.  We currently have a guild vent and also a guild bank with 2 tabs so we are well on our way to becoming a pretty decent guild, we just need the numbers, then we will be well on our way.

    Currently we are still relatively small as a guild but are anxiously awaiting our turn to get to the 25-Man content and the soon to be hardest raid in the game, Ulduar.

    As far as experience goes within the guild we are actually quite familiar with most of Naxx and know all of OS for 10-man content.  We have yet to attempt Malygos and are anxiously awaiting his demise once we are capable and geared enough to get to him.

    If this seems like a guild that you would be interested in, please don't hesitate to drop me a line in-game or here on our guild website.  My name in game is Mandrenas, so please by all means let me know if you are interested in joining, because if you are like us, you really would like to see the end game content just as much as everyone else does.  So please aid us in accomplishing our goals and our future goals as well.  Just as a fact of information, I am not the current GM of All For One, I am merely just one of the officers, if need be I can arrange a counsel with our GM if it is an urgent issue, otherwise you can report to either myself or one of the other officers of the guild.  Hope to hear from some of you who visit this website if not all of you. 


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Classes Currently Being Recruited

Mandrenas, Feb 19, 09 9:43 PM.
(Y = Yes, N = No, * = Urgent Classes Needed)

Priest* - Y (Holy)
Shaman* - Y (Restoration and Elemental)
Mage - N
Warrior - Y
Warlock - Y
Paladin - Y
Rogue - N
Hunter - Y
Druid - N
Death Knight - Y
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