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New pics posted!!
Apr 5, 09 10:57 AM
T3 armor
Mar 15, 09 3:18 AM
Mar 6, 09 6:01 PM
Check it Out!
Mar 5, 09 10:09 AM
Welcome to your new website!

Please everyone, feel free to post what you like on the forums! We need more than just me and Aldric posting info.

If you know your class pretty well, please post some notes so people can learn from your experience and from what you have read.

Rules of The Thirteenth Tribe

1. Enjoy playing the game.
    - We are a family guild that would love to raid.  But first and foremost we are here to have fun and interact with each other as friends. 

2. Work together as a team.
    - We expect all members online to be included in conversations and to be offered group opportunities when their level and class fits.
    - Text is the primary means of communication in The Tribe, exclusively using voice is not working together as a team.
    - It costs plat and status to keep the guild hall going.  Donate what you can to help us keep it going.  We all use it and all need to contribute.

3. Assist guild members.
    - Help when and where you can, but please don't expect everyone to drop what they are dong all the time to assist.  Refer to rule #7.

4. Allow others to make mistakes.
    - We all err.  Learn from your mistakes and help others learn from yours and theirs.

5. Don't be a Griefer.
    - If you have complaints bring them to an officer or Guildleader.  It can't be fixed if its not known to exist.  Don't use the guild text chat or tells as a place to whine.

6. Don't bail on a group without warning.
    - This also includes leaving the Guild.  Leaving the guild w/o warning and not talking to a Guildleader or Officer is tacky. 
    - If you decide to pull your main, we understand that we may not offer you what you are looking for, but know that The Tribe is not an Alt guild.  You will be asked to remove all of your characters.

7. Be understanding.
    - This includes being polite and including people.

8. Keep track of good players.
    - Guildies that leave the guild may want to come back one day.  Stay in touch!
    - We are a fun guild.  If you meet other good players in groups or such, keep in touch with them!  They may be future guildies.

9. Share leadership roles with others.
    - Anyone can start things.  If you first don't succeed, don't give up, you don't learn if you don't try.  Again, if there are problems, bring them to the notice of the Guild Leadership.

10. Enjoy playing the game.
    - We are ALL here playing for fun, let's all try to remember that. 

New Promotion Guidelines

Start as Little Indian.

Earn 25 Points to become a Tribesman and be in the guild for 2 weeks.

Earn 50 Points to become a Hunter and be in the guild for 1 month.

Earn 100 Points to become a Slayer and be in the guild for 3 months.

At 250 Points, you have enough points to interview for Champion.  There are other criteria.  First, a Champion must have a Lore Seeker title from doing HQs.  Also, a Champion must either take the path of the warrior or of the tradeskiller.  EITHER a Champion must be a level 60 tradeskiller, or a Champion needs to have a Slayer title, as well as either a diety cloak or a level 67 class hat (from the blood of the brood quest.)

This does not guarantee that one will become a Champion.  At this point, the leaders of the guild will interview a candidate.  Not everyone interviewed becomes a Champion, although nobody is rejected... most characters are told exactly what to work on and are held at the Slayer rank until they have shown the qualities the Tribe looks for in a leader.  Some of those qualities are:

Helpfulness - Does the candidate help others?  Mentor, advise, give time, money, or effort to help others in the tribe regularly, or is the candidate usually too busy to help someone else.

Friendliness - Does the candidate chat with others in the guild?  Is he or she always available to answer questions, and do the people in the guild like and respect the candidate, or is the candidate always grouped with other people and other guilds, never talking in Guild chat?

Leadership - Does the candidate take a leadership role?  If there are no groups starting, does the candidate form a group on his or her own?  If someone in the guild needs an update to a quest, does the candidate "get things going" and form a group?

These are just some of the expected qualities of a leader of the Tribe.

The final rank, Elder, requires 500 points and a Relic Keeper title, and the same kind of attitude required by a Champion, but perhaps to an even greater degree.  An Elder is a leader of the Tribe.

One final note... the ranks of Champion and Elder, the officers, are the only non-permanent ranks in the guild.  Once Slayer is earned, it is not lost save through leaving the guild and coming back without points.  However, a Champion or Elder may be asked to step down by the leaders if they display behaviour unsuitable to an officer, or even if real life issues make them inactive.  They may also choose, without dishonor, to step down to Slayer again if they want to just play and have fun, and not worry about the responsibilities.  Any officer that has stepped down or been demoted may always request another interview to earn the rank back, however. 


For the first 25 points, 10,000 status donated will give 1 point.  After that 1 point earned for every 50,000 status donated to the guild via the guild front door.

2 points for Guild Loot Runs.

1 point earned for donating 25 status items to the guild donation bank.  To ensure you get credit, the donations must be all done at one time.  We can't track 3 here, 4 there...  etc

1 point earned for crafting 10 items from rares in the guild donations bank.

Points will be given also for donating rares to the bank.  Guildleader judgement will be used until we get a hard and fast system down.  Can't give as much credit for a Silver Cluster as you can a Silicate Loam! 

Points will also be given for "high value" items donated to the guild donations bank.  Again this will be done on a case by case basis. 

New pics posted!!

Shaharaze, Apr 5, 09 10:57 AM.
Check out the incredible sinking Iokros!!

T3 armor

TheThirteenthTribe, Mar 15, 09 3:18 AM.
Was reading forums on EQ2Flames... and came across this about T3 armor. Check out my post


TheThirteenthTribe, Mar 6, 09 6:01 PM.
If you have signed up to the site, please check and add to the forums! Its boring with mostly the officers adding stuff. Add facts you have found about your class, post jokes, funny videos. We got an alliance now so we can talk to them via here soon.

Check it Out!

Shaharaze, Mar 5, 09 10:09 AM.
Class information being posted. Make sure you check it out!! Add a comment to the forums, read for tips and tricks, or ask any questions you may have
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