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Little preview. Test shots
Jul 31, 09 3:13 AM
Jul 6, 09 10:47 PM
10 Man Naxx Sign up for June 8th
May 29, 09 11:46 AM
Raiding Head count!
May 15, 09 3:35 PM
Second Strike
May 8, 09 1:52 PM
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Welcome to Path of War.

The Path we Follow:

The path we follow is one of honor, respect, and self-reliance. When the wind blows mighty, the mountain does not bend. The winds of Northrend blow savage and cold, but we of this pact swear never to succumb to the mindless lust for savagery, never bow to the forces that threaten our home. We stand united by an Alliance not just of survival and convenience, but an Alliance of ideals, an Alliance of morals, an Alliance that, together, has the strength never to succumb to the evils that challenge us.

What we Are:

Path of War is a RP-PvP guild on the Cenarion Circle server, Alliance-side. We're moderate to heavy RP, and while we do occasionally do PvE content, we're more focused on world PvP, roleplaying and in general helping to build the roleplay community. 

Those who Would Walk the Path:

Please look at our recruitment forum stickies, or speak to an officer in game!

Banner Image thanks to Samwise, Breathing2000, and Ayaren

Other Guild News

Little preview. Test shots

Ehlina, Jul 31, 09 3:13 AM.


Ehlina, Jul 6, 09 10:47 PM.

10 Man Naxx Sign up for June 8th

Ehlina, May 29, 09 11:46 AM.
Let's get ready to rock!

We kicked ass and took names last time.  Let's do it again

Sign up Here

Raiding Head count!

Ehlina, May 15, 09 3:35 PM.
Time to kick some Kel'Thuzzad Ass!

I want a head count of everyone that would like to join up for a run at Arthas' right hand bastard.

Sign up here with your name and peferred role

Second Strike

Ehlina, May 8, 09 1:52 PM.
Second Stike

To all Citizens of Azeroth.

Second Strike.

Last Night the Saurfang for Warchief Committee had our weekly meeting.  The agenda for the night was a simple.  Go say hi to Saurfang and plant him face first in the dirt.  I am happy to say things went great. Even better than expected.

We gathered up in formation at our staging area.

From there we made our way to the western entrance of Warsong Hold.  We wanted to bypass the inn we had encounted in the days before.

It wasn't long before the combined Alliance forces of the Tenth Legion, The Tinker Society, Path or War, Death from Above, Phoenix from the Ashes, a champion in training and Inner Circle found themsevles in the middle of Warsong Forces.  Fortunately Hellscream was every bit the hothead he's been made out to be.  He ignored the security of his Hold and guards and followed the entire Allaince war party outside. 

Where we promply face planted his arse into the ground.

Saurfang was a little upset that we had dropped his ward.

So instead of getting him any more angry we portaled out to Daralan.   So there we were.  A group of very excited Alliance who had just dropped the Commander of the Horde's Northrend forces rather easiely.  The choice was made instead of simply calling it a night.  Let's do some more good and we all headed to Vengance Landing and proceeded to raze the place into the ground.

With Vengance Landing in flames we didn't quite know what to do next.  Our decision was made for us when a Zepplin happened to show up.  It was quickly agreed on that we should go for a ride.

The SFWC ended up in Tirisfal.  We knew we could couldn't pass up a chance to say hi to the Banshee Queen.  So we did.  We fought our way beyond the abomintions down though the spiral pathway.

We showed her a little bit of Alliance Appreciation at having taken over Lordearon.

In all it was a good night.

-Light and Honor

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