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Blanchard Innovative Technologies
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Welcome to Blanchard Innovative Technologies!

We are an EVE based corporation focusing on Industrial activities.  With our rapid expansion comes the need to protect our assets and defend ourselves from competing corporations.

BINT is proud to introduce the formation of the combat operations division.  By providing low/null-sec op security and fleet security we are able to break into more profitable ventures.

So kick back, look around, and enjoy your stay at Blanchard Innovative Technologies.

Blanchard Innovative Technologies website Open!

Iscariot Ra, Feb 25, 09 11:51 AM.
    Well the site is up and running so start using it!

Currently looking for a graphics design editor as I'd spend 24 hours trying to design some tiny little icon!  Send me a message if you have PS experience or other graphical design background.

BINT is expanding!  Currently looking for all ranks of Industrial, Trader, and Miner's to fill our ranks.  Also looking for combat pilots to augment our newly formed combat operations division.  Drop us a message if you would like to hear more.
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