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Welcome to KILLIN IV GOD!  

First off, we are a late night raiding guild. Our main raids typically start anywhere from 10-11pm east coast time. Our less focused raids will sometimes start around 8pm.
We are a non-religious based guild, housed on the Alliance side of the Anetheron-US server.  
We started in late 2008, after the GM and Co-Officers were tired of joining guilds that kept falling apart, due to drama, players leaving, etc.  

KILLIN IV GOD began mainly as a leveling guild, helping lower level players get to 80.  As time has passed, everyone has reached max level, and we have chosen to stay strictly focused on raiding.  We only accept level 80's, and the occassional player nearing.  Friends and family are of course, welcome as well.  We've built a strong foundation around assisting each other, and commiting ourselves to the guild. 

So if you feel like you'd be interested in joining the family, do not hesitate to contact us here, or catch any of our  members in game!


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