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Dragon's Bane
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Welcome to the Dragon's Bane Guild Website!

This is the website for the Dragon's Bane guild on the PVE server Korialstrasz. We are a collection of mostly US-based players who love WoW and enjoy working as a team to build our characters and achievements together. Feel free to browse this site to learn more about us. For guild members, this site is intended as a resource to share knowledge and communicate with your fellow guildies outside of the game. Check back often as we hope to have frequent updates!
Guild Members: First and foremost, we want our guild members to enjoy the WoW experience together. We offer a nice balance of activities, from casual leveling to more serious raiding. Everyone is welcome to participate at the level at which they are most comfortable. Most importantly, we expect courtesy to others, helpfulness when others ask for it, and willingness to contribute to the guild to make everyone feel involved.
In terms of other requirements, we ask several things:
  • Please be sure to download all required mods and the program Ventrilo. For a list of most commonly used mods/programs and easy links to downloads, please click on the Guild Reference tab located  at the top of this screen. If you are new to downloads and mods, please use the easy-to-follow link in the Guild Reference tab, where there is a video on how to download mods. If you still are having trouble, contact an Officer in game or through the website for assistance.
  • All scheduling is accomplished through the in-game Calendar, which we use to schedule group activities and raids. Please be familiar with the Calendar and check it frequently. When you need help on quests or other activities, please use the Calendar to schedule events so others can join you.
  • When forming groups, remember to use Guild Chat or Personal Whispers to find people, as well as the website and the Calendar. This gives our guildies multiple options to find help before resorting to a pick-up group (PUG).  Be patient, as some people might currently be busy or are AFK. If you end up with a PUG and find awesome players that would be decent candidates for guildies, have them apply to the guild on the website. This is  how we find new people who are good players and end up being great guildies.
Potential Members: Our ideal candidates for Dragon's Bane are mature players who are willing to help others and look to contribute to the guild's growth in a variety of ways. You do not need to be a super-experienced WoW player with the best gear, just someone who enjoys the game and the fun of learning it with others. We are also very family friendly. We strongly advise you to gain a sense of the guild's personality and our guildies before requesting membership. People who are clearly not playing in the spirit of the guild may be asked to leave.
Prior to requesting membership with the guild, please read our Guild Policies and the public areas of this website to determine if this is the right guild for you. If you still want to become a member, please click on the JOIN button at the right side of this page and fill out an application.
After submitting your application, please check your email for a response from us. This email provides an important verification; we will not look at your application until you have checked the link provided in this email.  After you have responded, your application will be sent to our Guildmaster and Officers for approval or denial.  Please check your email  for confirmation of your acceptance. If you are accepted, the email will contain info on how to join in game, as well as a Welcome to Our Guild message. The guild reserves all rights to determine membership requirements and candidate qualifications; submitting an application to the website in no way guarantees acceptance of membership.
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