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Last Week Run
Mar 17, 09 10:28 AM
Plague Quarter!!!
Mar 9, 09 12:04 PM
Friday Raids
Mar 7, 09 1:28 AM
¬°Welcome to Emerald Knight Guild Page!

We are trying to work in the guild page is going to set me a little to left a nice place for us, but please use the poll for vote on the raid timing and days so everyone can be geared.

Thank you for your understanding we are working (Me Ladin) on this lol
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Last Week Run

HolyLadin, Mar 17, 09 10:28 AM.
I want to thank everyone that participate in our Guil run of Naxxramas, especialy the people that survived heigan with that we got two new bosses down 8 this week, so i hope we will star with military quarter this thursday so we will start at 7:30 but try to be at 7:00 pm to fill the spots.

Also yesterday Sunday 15th we did Obsidian Sanctum without any worries was really an easy run, so if someone is interested in OS or VoA let me know we can farm that place now, also im thinkin on VoA 25 men run like we did the other day was easy also we only pug 5 people, so was really good.

Well i just want to said i love you all and thank you for be part of the family.

Plague Quarter!!!

HolyLadin, Mar 9, 09 12:04 PM.
This Saturday was great, aftter we did like 5 times Heigen we dance!!! lol was a hard task to do but we actually goot the damn boss, so thank you all for be there, the next task is for the rest of the people that didnt dance learn how lol i will give some advices, the next run hope that we can do 5 bosses on the week and the rest on the weekend like how we have being working.

Any sugestions please please let me know.

Love Ladin

Friday Raids

HolyLadin, Mar 7, 09 1:28 AM.
Today we had Os at 4:30 was a good run we cleared the dragon, thank you to all that came with me today.

At 6:00 we did VoA cleared in 10 minuts, excelente run, no good drops :(

7:00 Pm in one hour we bringed down spider quarter without wipes, amazing job guys!!! Thank you, also plage quarter first boss.

Tomorrow hope we can do naxx on full clear, kiss kiss love ladin.
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