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Resurgence from Mordor

From this time on, Sauron became known as the Dark Lord of Mordor. He completed the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr, already centuries in the building, and distributed the remaining rings of the Seven and the Nine to lords of Dwarves and Men. Dwarves proved too resilient to bend to his will (instead being afflicted with greed), but the Men were enslaved by Sauron as the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths, his most feared servants. Sauron regained control over most of the creatures that had served Morgoth in the First Age (such as Orcs and Trolls) though it is unclear whether the Balrog of Moria was under his command. The Dragons of the North were not, though according to Gandalf, Sauron apparently intended to form an alliance with Smaug. Sauron also gained power over most of the Men in the East and the South, becoming their god-king.[30]

The second Dark Lord was now at the height of his power, having become “almost supreme in Middle-earth. … He rules a growing empire from the great dark tower of Barad-dûr in Mordor, near to the Mountain of fire, wielding the One Ring.”[31] Toward the end of the Second Age, Sauron assumed the titles of Lord of the Earth and King of Men.

In many ways, the new Dark Lord exceeded the first:

Sauron was ‘greater’, effectively, in the Second Age than Morgoth at the end of the First. Why? Because, though he was far smaller by natural [spiritual] stature, he had not yet fallen so low. Eventually he also squandered his power (of being) in the endeavour to gain control over others. But he was not obliged to expend so much of himself. … [He] inherited [from Morgoth] the ‘corruption’ of Arda [the world], and only spent his (much more limited) power on the Rings; for it was the creatures of earth, in their minds and wills, that he desired to dominate. In this way Sauron was also wiser than Melkor-Morgoth.

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