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Kindred Rising on Hiatus

Akumaka, Jul 4, 10 7:59 PM.
At present, the game Mortal Online has not reached a stage where we feel that we can complete the goals we originally set forward in the founding of our guild.

Because of this, recruitment will be temporarily suspended, and while several members may still play Mortal Online, we will not be active as a guild in game.

Every few weeks, we will reevaluate the game to check on its current state, and we will make future decisions based on the results.

Until then, good luck and safe travels to all.

Mortal Online Has Released!

Akumaka, Jun 16, 10 11:25 AM.
Mortal Online has officially released.  After some initial server stability problems, the game is running fairly smooth now.  The Looting System was just recently redesigned, and more fixes and improvements are in the works!  Jump in now and join the fun!

Update, Then Launch

Akumaka, May 3, 10 11:12 AM.
Henrik Nystrom said:

Dear community

We apologize that we are late in giving you this information; this is also one of the “downsides” of being a public listed stock company. We cannot give information how we want and when we want it in some cases when it affect the stock market.

As you are aware of we are soon to deploy our April build. (Described here
Unfortunately because of the volcano on Island it prevented our trip to the US so we have a slight delay in our schedule, this doesn’t mean we are delaying for a longer period. We are going to send our guys to Epic Games this weekend so we can get back on track with our release. This is the finalizing phase for releasing Mortal Online.

As soon as our guys are located at Epic Games, we will move the April build to the live testing server where we need your support in testing all of our release features.
This is scheduled to be short testing periods till we go live so we need your feedback during these short testing phases.

Now we are getting really close in going live with Mortal Online, it’s exciting times for us all,
please bare with us with the last testing phases we need in the coming week to get a as solid release as possible.

More updates on the first test phase comes soon.

Thank you.

-Star Vault Team

According to Henrik, launch will be right after a short testing phase of the newest build.  Once the patch is in and stable, we're looking at MO live.  Hopefully, it's the real deal this time.  All Kindred Members planning to attend at launch, please be sure to sign in on the forum thread in Haven Hall.

Happy Easter

Vunak23, Apr 4, 10 9:14 AM.
Just a short, Happy Easter to all those that celebrate. Have a good day everyone!

Merry Christmas!!!

Somarl, Dec 25, 09 4:16 AM.
The time is upon us folks! And all we wanted for christmas was a working beta :) Lol!!!  Well you cant get everything you wish for but as the year is coming to a close i think its best to say that despite MO's current state - the community we have here, the laughs, the great people, is all i needed for christmas ! You guys are great.

Merry Christmas folks, lets see what 2010 brings :)
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