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Come and Join the Fun in Awakened Destiny. Will this be your true calling?

New Website

ZathraCat, Jul 23, 10 10:06 PM.
Our new website is at:

New Shell

ZathraCat, Dec 31, 09 7:23 AM.
The LS is under a new leader, Crimm,  and a new name, Dawn. For a pearl, please see Crimm, Ailuj, Freugrer, Gedag, Lescal, Minimax, Nipun, Rufaynia, Steak, Sylvar, or Zathra.


Omnikat, Oct 28, 09 9:48 PM.
In October we had our first omega run with great success we entered Apolyon Central with 15 ppl fully farmed gunpods no AF dropped had a few coins but most importantly we had the best Homan dropps possible we had 2Legs and 1 body drop Goodjob to all Mcloud Received Body Jdub and Arkleonheart received homan Legs ^^

Satanas89, Aug 24, 09 3:02 AM.
Congratulations Everyone! We have successfully dominated sky :D


Bluespyder17, Aug 12, 09 5:04 PM.
Main Page/News

"Hi everyone! My name's Mumor!
How are you all? I've been feeling just fantastic, thank you! My live performance at this year's Sunbreeze Festival is about to begin, you see. All the fans have already begun lining up and—huh? Where in the world did everyone go...?

What's with the commotion over there? A crowd of people seems to have gathered.
But...something doesn't smell right here..."

This summer, a fearsome new menace has come to wreak havoc on festivals and smiles of happiness—the very things our winsome superheroine, Fantastic Fraulein Mumor, has sworn to protect. Only with your spirited show of support can Mumor hope to prevail in her latest battle against evil!
All together now: "Shining Summer Samba!!!"

Proceed here to learn how you can help Fantastic Fraulein Mumor purge Vana'diel of this latest threat casting its shadow over the realm!

  • The Sunbreeze Festival will commence on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) and run until Monday, August 17 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

Dyna WINDY!!!

Buzzsaw160, Aug 10, 09 4:05 PM.
Well Guys and Gals!  Dyna Windy Clear "Can I Have it?" YES I CAN!!  Good job on the Clear.  We had some of the best pulls this run along with some of the dumbest by myself Buzzsaw ; ; Those good ones allowed us to have a chance with the bad ones towards the end. With 10mins left on the Clock we pulled the Mega Boss and then continued to Demolish it as we did with the Other NMs throughout the Dyna.  Excellent job by the Rookies with AD (Though several were veterans from other LSs) and ofcourse to those of the Regulars. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for those who can now access the northlands as we expect to have a stellar Glacier run this Saturday August 15th.  With Several people back that we have been missing for variuos reasons and the fresh meat that received their Final clear on Saturday we should, and I stress should!  be able to roll right through the Glacier.  For pride reasons only we are calling this Saturdays Glacier run a farming/training expedition but we have a strong chance at Clearing if all gos well.  Ok ok i have droned on for too long now and will post the drops for Dyna-Windy now.  Thank you all and congrats again, hope to see you at the next Dyna!

I show 9AF drops (please let me know if this is incorrect):
  • BLM     Ailuj
  • BLM     Razorsedge
  • SAM     Thebluedragon
  • WAR     Arkleonheart
  • THF      Buzzsaw
  • WAR     Regin
  • THF      Chosen
  • SCH      Darkdecyple
  • WAR     Steak


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