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Beauseant! (Be Noble or Be Glorious!)
~The battle-cry and symbol of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon.

Our guild is a probably what you would call a guild for extraverted introverts.

We understand that some people play WoW because it's a good de-stresser at the end of a hard day in the real world.  The interface is fun, the graphics are great and the gameplay is really all around pretty fun and exciting....except for all those other people. Too many people take the game Wayyyy to seriously and let's face it; they can get downright rude and unpleasant at times and a large percentage of them are found where? Yup, you guessed guilds.  So you end up joining and gquitting more times than you can count and finally give up and start grinding alone.

It's frustrating to solo your toon up to a respectable level and then come to a screeching halt because you can't punch through a skill ceiling or run an instance because there aren't five of you or because you  just can't afford that last regeant for your recipes etc.  But the drama and frustration of dealing with strangers and "serious" guilds in a virtual world can be even more frustrating.

We understand.   The emphasis in this guild is on "keeping it un-real" that is, we know it's just a game and games should be fun not stressful.

The Emphasis is on fun and relaxed game play with a committment to helping our guild brethren in mutually beneficial ways while respecting everyone's right to their solo play. 

If you're interested in raiding exclusively, look elsewhere as we are interested in developing characters and enjoying the ride.   The WoW universe is a rich and entertaining platform.....Lots to do and see and experience.  Would you wolf down a rich dessert just so you could say you'd eaten it?  Of course not.  Same premise applies when playing WoW.

The Vault is really just a holding tank for Paying it forward.  If I skill up my enchanting and I don't need those scrolls or other things, I can always toss half in the vault to help a guildie and I can give a shout out that I'm missing "this or that item" and if you've got it, we can always trade via vault.  Extra quest items to help ease the grind are a good positive non-invasive way of helping our members to solo-level until they need bodies for an instance or for xp hunting.

 Low-key, communal and relaxed attitude towards gaming is the intention and expectation of the guild. Don't sweat for fun and enjoyment. Why should you "Work and stress" in the fantasy world too? 

Most members are adults with families or College students with schedules and homework so gaming is a way to relax and enjoy something less stressful than our day-to-day work world. It also means... very scattered times of play and all kinds of "Real World Aggro" that can pull us away from the game at a moment's notice. Another reason why we call for very type B personalities who enjoy playing solo with occasional assists and fun group stuff when opportunities arise.

If you are wanting something very structured, time managed, micro managed and regimented...There are those kinds of guilds available but we are not them. 

Whether it's finishing up quests to level, or running instances for cool gear and of course, eventually raiding will come along as well, our intention is to always remain casual, friendly, helpful to each other whenever possible and encouraging each other to enjoy the ride.

Core founders of guild are located in the Central Time Zone USA and prefer our members be close enough in zone that they can be assured of at least having one other guild member online at any given time but this is never a bar to membership.  Since most of us are soloists...we don't require other people to get the job done in most cases.  We can always schedule times if someone truly requires the assist.

We prefer adult members but will make exception for mature older teens (16-18) based on behavior and ability to play nice with others and reflect the zero Drama attitude of the guild name.

"Be Noble/Be Glorious"  Be honorable in your dealings others, helpful when possible and self-sufficient enough to soldier on with joy.  Nothing says we can't kick some ass...just let's do it with flair, a healthy sense of fun and with faith in laughter.

We look forward to seeing you in the game realms.


The Grand Master

Other Guild News

Tabards will be available Soon

Nocturne_Azul, May 6, 09 10:52 AM.
I'll give a shout out when they're ready

Vault is open 1 Tab at this time

Nocturne_Azul, May 6, 09 10:47 AM.
Vault is up.

Remember to announce when you deposit.  If you want it for yourself...remember to keep it in your own bank vault....if it's for a specific person... let that be known as well so no one ganks it by accident! *LOL*

Gold for guild related damage to gear will be put into vault in the next few days.

Game On!



Nocturne_Azul, Mar 10, 09 3:04 PM.
Charter needs signatures to get things rolling.

Order needs gold to open bank vault and get tabards.

PST online to NocturneAzul to sign charter
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