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                            !!!Welcome to <Khaeotic>!!!

Khaeotic is a fresh guild in WoW, located on the server Gorefiend we plan to raid in the near future, so we need new peeps!! Preferrably over lvl 75 (cuz you know, powerlvling a friend gets annoying after a while)
So yeah we need new members, Pst Crysiss for more of the info stuffz

........Hello!, this is Crysiss speaking, i came up with the guild name of Khaeotic because my overall element in alot of things is Chaos, (neutral)
which normally means im a neutral person around others (i dont pick sides), and the guild rankings came from a series of my favorite books which are Magic: Onslaught cycle.. most of the ranks come from the second book Chainer's Torment, its a book where a young Cabal pupil learns to master the arts of Dementia summoning, another chaotic ritual, enough nerd shit, we wanna raid as soon as we get enough members.
We Need: Dps, more Healz, TANKZ!!!!...
if you wish to jon <Khaeotic> your character must be on realm Gorefiend and be at or above lvl 75
                               See Ya!

Guild Members So Far......

Dementia Master: Crysiss
Master of Chaos: Eai
Master of Arms: Jarovit
Pit Fighter: Smokeup
Pit Fighter: Paus
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