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Welcome to Defiant's website!

Basic Information

Defiant is a casual raiding guild on the oceanic server of Dath'remar.  We raid on the weekends (Sat./Sun.) and run heroics during the week.  We are presently recruiting all classes.

Basic Rules

1.  No drama!  We do not tolerate excessive language, inappropriate behavior, petty fights, etc.  We want to enjoy the game and those that we raid with so if you tend to create drama, you need not apply (because you won't last long anyways).

2.  Loot.  We do not use a dkp system or any other similar system for distributing loot.  We divide the loot based on a simple need/greed system where main spec gets priority and then off-spec gets the second shot.  We do not have a limit on how many pieces of loot a player can win during a raid, however, all players should be considerate of the needs of others (i.e., if a player has already won a piece of loot, he or she should pass the next piece to someone who hasn't; if a player is replacing a purple and another is replacing a blue, the loot should be passed to the player with the blue; etc.)

3.  Show Up.  When you sign up for a raid or state that you will be at a raid, then it is your promise to the guild to be there.  We understand that emergencies happen in real life and real life takes priority but do take notice that others are setting aside time in their real life to raid with the guild. 

4.  Replacements.  If you sign up or state that you will be at a raid and something comes up, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement (either in guild or a pug) as well as send a mail message to the raid leader letting them know the name of your replacement.  If you are in a raid and need to leave early for a real besides an unforeseen emergency, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement before you leave the raid.

5.  Listen to Instruction.  You can be sure that your raid leaders have taken the time to study the fights and strats to the raids so please be considerate of their efforts by paying attention on vent when they are giving boss fight instructions.

6.  Do not go afk in a raid.  At no time, except for emergencies, should you go afk during a raid.  The raid leaders will take periodic breaks of 5-10 minutes during the raid so you will have a chance for bio, snacks, etc.  When players go afk during a raid, they are weakening the group and could lead to higher repair bills for other raid members.

7.  Come Prepared!  When you sign up for a raid, be sure to be online and ready for an invite at least 15-30 minutes before the raid starts.  Have all flasks, food, shards, etc. needed for the duration of the raid.

8.  Have fun!  Although we take our raids seriously (i.e., expect a certain level of professionalism from our raiders), this is a game and we want everyone to have fun.  Therefore, we do not tolerate players being demeaning to other players on vent, screaming on vent, etc. 
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