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Patch Day Blues
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Forums : Boss Strats and Dungeon Info > High King Maulgar from a Healer's Perspective
Natema (Associate) 2/22/2008 3:02 AM EST : High King Maulgar from a Healer's Perspective
All-Encompassing Goddess Druid/Shaman Class Leader
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Stolen from The Egotistical Priest

High King Maulgar, from the Healer’s Perspective

Green bars.

The end. =]

Kidding! Kidding! You didn’t really think I was capable of a post that short, did you? Pffft.

Okay, firstly, this is from the healer’s perspective. What does thatmean? Two-thirds of the strategy for this fight is left out. It’s bestif you read about the fight in its entirety on someplace like BossKillers first. Why? So you’ll understand what I’m talking about here.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

*taps hooves*

Back? Good.

Right so I’m like the…25 man raid healing coordinator. Or something. SoI actually have to know all this stuff and assign people to healingroles.

What that really translates into is me getting bored with going overthe fight a frillion times in vent as we bring in new healers. So I’mpostponing the next section of my raid healing series for this, so Ican post it on my boards and be all “READ THIS OR SUFFER MY WRATH!”Yes, I’m selfish. This has been established.

From a healing perspective, the only things that matter are 1) Who is getting hit and 2) Is there anything else I need to know?

Let’s look at 1) first.

Who is Getting Hit?

Well, let’s back up a bit more. Who is doing the hitting?

Krosh Firehand (mage)
Olm the Summoner (warlock)
Kiggler the Crazed (shaman)
Blind Eye the Seer (priest)
Maulgar (the big guy)

You’ll want to give each of these unique raid icons.

Tanks (people taking damage)
Krosh - tanked by a MAGE - Needs one dedicated healer.
Olm - tanked by his own hounds - warlocks in charge of this if we havethem, otherwise he gets a tank who will need some healing.
Kiggler - tanked by Boomkin or Hunter duo. - Needs one dedicatedhealer, someone who can handle swapping hunter targets if the yoyomethod is used.
Blind Eye - No real tank, but during the short time he’s alive, there will probably be one dpser who needs some heavy heals.
Maulgar himself - tanked by 2 tanks - Needs 2 dedicated healers. Asother healer targets stop being tanks, healers should refocus on thesetanks.

And…although not technically a “tank”, the raid as a whole may betaking incidental damage. Must have at least one healer not assigned toa specific tank, to help cover the rest of the raid.

Taken from the above :
5 Healers Minimum

This is a moving fight. As the fight happens, healer targets will nolonger be taking damage, and thus don’t need a healer anymore. Thesingle dpser who will need heals at the start during Blind Eye? BlindEye DIES there (funny how that works) and then they don’t needdedicated heals anymore. Kiggler dies? Those hunters or boomkin don’tneed a healer anymore. Your healing target WILL SHIFT unless you areassigned to the Maulgar tanks.

So, with five healers, this is how the fight would work.

1 healer always on whoever is taking damage from Maulgar. If it’sthe main tank who is a warrior, then him. If he gets feared and theofftank bear picks him up, then heal that guy. NEVER EVER get socomplacent that you are healing a name. You are healing a ROLE. Whoeveris filling that role is the person who is getting your heals. If I can,I usually make this healer a paladin, since they’ll be casting healsthe whole fight, and will only get assistance later on.

1 healer who is on the mage tank until Krosh dies (this means asingle target for most of the fight). When Krosh dies, they healwhoever needs healing, taking note of the main tank healer’s mana andfilling in if needed. They may themselves be low on mana at this point,however.

1 healer who is on the person/people tanking Kiggler. They’ll stayon their target(s) until Kiggler dies (fairly early in the fight), thenshift to help heal the person tanking Maulgar. This is the first timethat healer gets a break, and I’m sure they’re happy to WORK WITH thenew healer to set up a rotation. The healer with the highest mana willbe the one “main tank healing” and the other will be the backup. Goodcommunication is key.

1 healer who is on Olm’s tank. This healer will probably be fairlybored, but when they’re needed, they’re needed. If your guild isblessed with multiple warlocks, this healer may be unnecessary - thefelhounds will be the ones tanking him, and they’re supposed to takedamage and die. When Olm dies, they swap to helping with the maintanks. They need to be able to gauge their own healing load andpossibly toss helping heals elsewhere if they’re confident their targetwill be okay while they do so.

1 healer on the raid/dps. When the fight begins, they’ll bebig-healing on the dpser tanking Blind Eye. Once Blind Eye is down,they’ll be tossing out heals to any nontank who needs them, and anytanks who need them as well (since the dpsers shouldn’t be takingdamage from anything at this point). They stay on this task until theend of the fight.

Extra healers above and beyond the required five is extra love. I’llassign an extra raid healer. If it’s a tree, I’ll let them hot everyonewith low health, regardless of whether they’re a tank or a raid dpser.They basically don’t have a primary heal target, they just helpeveryone else and smooth out the damage for the other healers.

I might also assign a secondary healer to the main tank right fromthe start, to help the Maulgar healer. I like to pair Paladins andPriests for this - Priest can HoT and Frisbee, and cancel-heal to helpagainst spike damage.

I think five healers is doable. We’ve done it with six before, butwe always seem to have extra raid slots and I’m not opposed to fillingthem with a few healers - we’ve got a great healing team, and the morepeople that come, the fewer times I have to explain this.


Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?
Your raid may handle positioning differently than ours does, so I’lljust say make sure you know where you need to be and you can reach yourheal target. If you’re assigned to Kiggler’s tank and you’re stillstanding in the hallway, you’re probably going to wipe the raid. Ifyou’re assigned to the mage and you’re off in the back corner, thenyou’re definitely going to wipe the raid.

Know where you should be standing and know who your primary andsecondary heal targets are. Who are you healing when the fight starts?What do you do when your heal target is no longer a tank?

If a healer dies, and the raid healing coordinator yells out for youto fill X healing slot, be sure you know what that means. (This reallydoesn’t happen much on this fight. If we lose a healer too early due toa loose felpuppy, that’s generally a raid wipe)

The biggest thing on this fight is DON’T GO NEAR KROSH. His AOE WILLkill you. Not that healing is an activity that lends itself to runningup and giving the mob a great big hug, but you could accidentally backinto his AOE area if you’re not careful.

This topic was moved from forum GRUUL'S LAIR/HIGH KING MAULGAR to forum Boss Strats and Dungeon Info on 8/5/2008 6:20 AM by Natema.
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Vladracul (SuperAdmin) 2/22/2008 5:42 AM EST : RE: High King Maulgar from a Healer's Perspective
(Lurid) Archvampire
Posts: 7224

Thanks Natty--this looks like a good plan for the fight.


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