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Forums : Boss Strats and Dungeon Info > Ulduar Early bosses made easy!
Kisker (Officer) 8/24/2009 2:03 PM EST : Ulduar Early bosses made easy!
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Well...sort of easy, heh. 

The trick to Ulduar bosses, I think, is that they all have a lot going on.  It's easy to get lost and confused or killed by something you didn't see. Stick to this guide, though, and only worry about the parts that directly affect YOU, and it gets a lot easier.

1.  Flame Leviathan.  You can't avoid this guy, but he isn't at all hard.  The trick to this, first and foremost:  wear all your highest ilevel gear.  It affects the health of your vehicle, so it's important to suit up this way.  Even if you have "Better" but lower-level gear, swap it out for this fight.  FL is a gear check of sorts, even though he doesn't look like one.  Now, once in vehicles, drive around in one big group and wreck all the towers, blowing away all the little guys you encounter along the way.  When they are all dead, the real fight will start.

Before the fight, here are the specific roles that you play:
Demolisher:  Shoots ranged DPS on top of FL to kill his turrets.  Not really necessary, but helpful.  Also has cannons and whatnot that burn fuel.  This needs to be replenished by picking up the fuel drums that get shot dhow, mostly before the fight starts.
Seige Engine:  These ram FL and have a cannon that fires cannonballs (as opposed to players).  They also have an emergency shield for those times when they draw FL's aggro.  Gunners on siege engines want to shoot down as many blue fuel barrels as possible before FL comes out.This is important for the demolisher crews.
Choppers.  These guys mostly zip around and drop oil slicks in front of FL.  These slicks slow FL and can be ignited, causing massive damage.  Additionally, choppers can be used to pick up stranded DPS after they blow up the turrets on FL's back and return them to their demolishers.

So, now the fight has started.  Drivers, keep your vehicle where it can do harm.  Seige engines ram, demolishers fire cannone and scoop up fuel, choppers lay down slicks.  When Fl starts chasing someone, run for it.  Choppers should also be laying slicks to help keep him getting to close to targeted players.  additionally, seige engines have a power shield for protection.  It's on a really long cooldown, though, so don't use it unless really needed.

That's really the basics of the fight.  Follow the instructions above, rinsing and repeating as necessary, and Fl will be dead in a few minutes.

Ignis:  Ignis is tough if you can't control his adds, and not so bad otherwise.  He has a few things:
The ground beneath him burns.  everyone should be positioned in a water pool to the side to avoid this.  Tank Ignis right in front of the pool.
He has a slag pot, and periodically dumps people into it.  healers need to keep on top of the trapped person until Ignis lets them go.  The trapped person then needs to IMMEDIATELY run back into the water or get cooked in the scorched earth Ignis conjures.
Ignis has an ability called flame jets.  When you see that getting ready to cast, stop casting.  The ability tosses everyone into the air and interrupts casting for 10 seconds if you were casting when the jets hit.
last, Ignis animates the guardians nearby.  These are usually dealth with by a mage or hunter freezing them and leading them into the water, where they shatter.  You need to have a crit on a cold ability to freeze them.

That's really about it for Ignis.  Most of the raid just stays in the water and wails him for all they are worth.

Thorim's proto-drake.  The fight actually starts on the ground with the raid fighting off iron dwarves in assault diggers.  Meanwhile, in the back of the room, earthen npc's are hard at work repairing 4 harpoons.  As the harpoons come on line one at a time a player needs to be back there to fire the harpoons off.  Once all 4 have been fired Razorscale will be forced to land for a time.

Once Razorscale lands, put everything you have into damaging her.  After about a minute and a half she will deep-breathe on the harpoon chains and take back off again.  Once she does the whole cycle of iron dwarves, harpoon repair, etc. restarts.  You really, really want to pull out all the stops when she lands, since she stops taking off again once she gets to 50% hits.  once she's ground-bound there are no more iron dwarves and it is basically and unruley tank,n, spank fight.

Now, here's the fiddly stuff. 
While flying overhead Razorscale will still breath on the raid.  This takes two forms.  The first is a single-target fireball for around 5-7k hits.  for this reason a tree druid is awesom for harpoon duty, since they are tough and can heal themselves while back there alone.
The second trick is a big blue patch of fire called (I think) consuming flame.  If you see a warning for it, or see blue fire, GET OUT.  It will keel you dead in short order.  Don't wait to finish a cast, just go.

That's most of the tricksie stuff with Razorscale.  One last thing:  The tank really needs to a) keep the drake facing away from the party because of breath weapons, and b) and really maximize threat, since the raid will be blowing everything they have to stop RS from taking off again.  More than 3 sets of dwarven raiders usually taps out a raid and starts causing deaths, leading to a wipe.  The raid really needs to be able to throw everything they've got.


Okay, so those are slightly simplified, but you get the idea.  There's a lot of stuff going on in each fight, but only a few things each person needs to worry about at a time on these.  The specialty people (guardian freezer, tank, etc.) can be prepared prior to the fights, keeping it pretty straightforward for the rest of the raid.

Let me know if this helpful!

Suck it up, princess.

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Vladracul (SuperAdmin) 8/25/2009 6:09 AM EST : RE: Ulduar Early bosses made easy!
(Lurid) Archvampire
Posts: 7224

Thanks Kisk--good info.


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