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Patch Day Blues
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Kisker (Officer) 11/30/2011 11:18 AM EST : 4.3--Hoooo!
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Last night I spent a lovely evening touring the new 5-man instances with Gotyousucka.  I think it took us about an hour and a half to run all three instances.  We wiped two or three times total in a PUG with 3 random people.  The healer and tank left after the first instance and we replaced them with no ill effect.  There are a few things to know here:

  • The instances are chained, like the initial run of the Icecrown 5-mans were in Wrath.
  • The queue right now is miserable for DPS, anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.  If you can find a healer and/or tank to go along, do what you can to make it happen.  It will save you a lot of bored waiting.  Remember, if you join a group while waiting in the dungeon queue, it will kick you out of the queue, and you'll have to start over.  Ugh.
  • These instances are fast, and will always be fast.  In several cases NPCs that are with you (Illidan and Thrall) will go on a tear and start pulling stuff.  You are very much along for the ride at points.
  • The first instance has you go forward in time to a ruined dragonblight inhabited by the shades of faction leaders.  Two random ones will be present in any run.  We drew Jaina and Tyrande.  Neither one was that bad.  We learned on Jaina that you do need to kill all her trash, though, as she ports around and will draw adds.  Tyrande, despite being a forlorn shadow, still calls on elune and helps you by summoning moonbeams that weaken her trash.  Tyrande's trash was funny.  Most of it has ~100k hits and strikes for ~500 hits.  This sounds pretty weak until you realize there are 10-15 of them.  They AoE pretty easily in the moonbeams, tho.  Baine looks harder--he hangs out in the black shrine and apparently plays with lava.  I've also heard Sylvanus has some tricks that are a bit nasty.  Once done with the shades you have to go kill Murazond, Norzdormu's future self, to open up the next instance.  He's a fun fight, where you can reset time when things go too bad.
  • The second instance Has you stealing the dragon soul for Thrall, from right under the noses of Mannoroth and Aszhara.  Illidan shows up and is a big help here, though he is just as evil and nasty as we remember from his 10,000-years-in-the-future-self.  How nobody saw this guy going bad is a mystery to me.  Night elves are apparently not strong on discerning whiny super-villain speech patterns.  In any event, there is some really cool stuff to look at here, and I won't give it away.  The fights are interesting.  The only thing I will say is--always interrupt total obedience from Aszhara, or the party is gonna die.
  • The third instance has you back in the present, where the dragon soul is turned over to Thrall for delivery to the aspects.  Thrall goes on a merry jog through the Dragonblight, falling into ambushes and just plain jumping into fights as he goes.  The last fight here is a little challenging, as Benedictus drops a lot of hurty effects on the ground, but stay out of the fire and you'll be generally good.

Why do you want to do these instances?  All the really good answers come to mind, really.  They are short, fun, profitable and have great loot.  I walked away from 1 1/2 hours with 3 instances unlocked, 3 pieces of 378 gear, 150 valor points and about 250g.  I died three times in three instances in a PUG with 3 non-guildies and the guild covered the repair bill.  Short version:  I had a fun night while getting more powerful and more prosperous at the same time.

One thing:  I'm not sure how long the legs on these instances will be.  As I mentioned, they are short, and the loot tables for the bosses seem small.  Once everyone has their badges I'm guessing these will mostly be shard/orb runs (chaos orbs are now salable in the AH.  They were going for ~240g last night).

Last, you want to do these because you will need to.  In order to use the raid finder for the Deathwing raid you need a gear level average of 372.  Unless we suddenly become very successful in the Firelands that's going to mean valor/justice points, crafted gear and these 5-mans if you want to see the Deathwing fight.  It looks like a hoot, with parachutes, and rollercoaster rides, big death-starlaser-beams, oh my.  

I'll probably be back on tonight or tomorrow night around 8 or 8:30 and available for whatever.  maybe we should go try the deathwing trash for patterns, or make a real venture into the Firelands?
Suck it up, princess.

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Vladracul (SuperAdmin) 12/18/2011 7:32 PM EST : RE: 4.3--Hoooo!
(Lurid) Archvampire
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I'm fine with FL and the new instances.  I think, as we discussed the other night, that we should go back and get our raid team together and work through the 359 stuff and get the mount and guild achieves, then push into FL and DragonSoul as a guild.  We can certainly do the heroics, and gearing 85 instances in the meantime.

Thanks for the posts Kisk!


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