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Forums : General Raiding Tips and Resources > Raid Tank Consumables List
Vladracul (SuperAdmin) 1/23/2008 3:07 AM EST : Raid Tank Consumables List
(Lurid) Archvampire
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(from Feides of Thunderhorn server, in Warrior Forums, WoW site)

Hi All,

There doesn’t seem (or at least I couldn’t find one) to be acomprehensive list of tanking consumables. So I made one. I would likethe community to add to this list and constructively criticize myadvice below. I am only tanking Gruul atm so I am definitely not themost experienced tank out there. I do think it is important to yourguild as the MT or OT that you use every edge possible, especially withnew content. As you progress past content with respect to gear the needfor consumables lessens.

Being prepared is not cheap. A rough tally on most realms for thelist below for a stack of each could easily exceed 500g. The same old,same old with respect to content means very little consumption andtherefore very little cost. Progression into new areas can result in alot of farming for gold and or materials to keep your bag full, whichfor a protection warrior can be a daunting task.

Personally I would like to see more tank love on the AH orBlizzard. We need to see consumables earmarked for tanks that areaffordable either by the community dropping prices (never happen) orblizzard introducing new tanking consumables attainable via reputation.In addition I would like to see consumables that buff for percentagesas opposed to static increases. Currently the effect of cunsumablesdiminishes as your character progresses because it is a staticincrease. A tank with 15000 Health is affected less by a 250 healthconsumable than a tank sitting at 11000 because the percentage increaseis greater for the tank with 11000 in health.

Your approach to consumables is generally economical (There is nocredit in wow), personal (simply your favorites) or situational (Bossfights). There are a lot of consumables to choose from. Understandinghow they affect your tank is important. The math is better left toothers; there are some great sites and guides available that break downhow your attributes translate into real tanking stats. Here is a simpleguide to help with selections

EH Effective Health
AV Avoidance
T Threat

Strength = Attack Power = T
Agility = Critical Strike Chance + Dodge + Armor = EH + AV +T
Stamina = Health = EH
Armor = Damage Mitigation = EH
Defense = Dodge + Block + Parry + Miss = AV
Hit = T

You might be wondering what strength is doing in here. For aProtection Warrior it is really not your most important attributehowever from a purely situational stand point the additional threat maybe required.


Food (30 minutes)

Spicy Crawdad
30 stamina
20 spirit

Fisherman's Feast
30 stamina
20 spirit

Talbuk Steak
20 stamina
20 spirit

Feltail Delight
20 stamina
20 spirit

Spicy Hot Talbuk
20 hit rating
20 spirit

Warp Burger
20 agiility
20 spirit

Grilled Mudfish
20 agility
20 spirit

Roasted Clefthoof
20 strength
20 spirit

Elixir of (1 hour)

Battle and Guardian Elixirs can be used together. You can not use 2of the same. The second one will cancel out the other buff if they arethe same.

Major Defense
550 Armor

Superior Defense
450 Armor

Major Fortitude
250 health and 10 health every 5 seconds

Brute Force
18 stamina
18 Strength

Prevents up to 20 damage done by a physical or magical attack

15 All stats

Major Strength
25 Strength

Major Agility
35 Agility
20 critical strike rating

Flask of (Persists through death - 2 hours)
A flask = Battle+Guardian.

50 Stamina
10 defense

Chromatic Wonder
Increases resistance to all schools of magic by 35
18 All stats

Flask of Relentless Assault
120 Attack Power


Magic resistance Potions (shadow/frost/fire/Arcane)



Agility – Strength – Armor - Stamina

Greater Rune of Warding
400 pts/damage reduction 90 sec cool down last 1hour

Greater Ward of Shielding
4000 damage absorption

Lesser Ward of Shielding
1000 damage absorption

Adamantite Sharpening Stone
+12 damage and 14 melee critical strike to weapon


Nightmare Seed
Max health increased by 2000 for 30 sec

Armor increased by 2500 for 2 min

There are two distinct gear builds for a Warrior Protection Tank toconsider. They are different ideologies - Effective Health (EHHealth-Armor - damage mitigation) is a build that looks at stamina anddamage mitigation as the key to success. Avoidance (AVDodge/Block/Parry/miss) takes the tact that if you can’t hit me; I amgoing to be successful. ( ) defines EH/AV better then I can.

You can gear your tank primarily in one direction but that doesn’toffer much diversity. A balanced approach is a wiser decision andalways considering the use of consumables to either compensate for adeficiency or for an edge is never a bad idea.

KaraZhan and other dungeons offer bosses where each build is bettersuited for specific encounters. The Prince during the second phase hitstwice, leaning more toward an Avoidance build as a better choice.Effective Health is a better choice for Nitebane because he doesn’t hitoften but when he does it is burst damage and for a lot. Depending onthe battle - your gear and consumable decisions become important. Forexample: The Suneater is a better weapon to use over the Kings Defenderfor the Prince encounter where threat is not an issue. The additionaldodge of the Suneater will help with your avoidance during phase two.The common thread between the two and where the balance needs to be metis survivability. If the tank is dead – that is a lot of money wastedin the AH.

Complimenting your two survival skills that your warrior has(Shield Wall -75% damage reduction and last stand - 30 % health and maxhealth) with the survivability items will increase the Raids chances ofbeing successful.

The Nightmare seed - have available in case last stand is on cool down
Ironshield potion - use during battle when you know the damage is increasing.
(Gruul - Prince 2nd phase).

Bandages - OK in most cases you’re not going to bandage up during abattle but for some encounters where tanking duties are shared such asNetherspite, it will save some mana for your healers.

A suggestion to start each fight:

Spicy Crawdad
Elixir of Major Fortitude
Elixir of Mastery
Greater Rune of Warding
Greater Ward of Shielding (If your healers have to position first)
Adamantite Sharpening
Protection Scroll

[ Post edited by Feides ]



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