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REQUIRED for attending all VAMPIRUS Raids

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Guild Officers
            ch (411+) Trot (375 PMC) GRATS!!

CURRENT VAMPIRUS TYPICAL WEEKLY RAIDING SCHEDULE ---------------------------------------------------

Monday............see guild in-game calendar

Tuesday......... see guild in-game calendar

Wednesday....see guild in-game calendar

Thursday........see guild in-game calendar 

Friday..............see guild in-game calendar

Saturday........see guild in-game calendar

Sunday.............see guild in-game calendar

(NOTE: All times are server time, EST above)


Archvampire (GM/GL)--Vladracul (alt: Lurid)

Vampraetors--Lurid (alts: Bahaamat/Ivan/Vladracul)

                      Moyra (alts: Cryss/Phayze/Xception)

Soothsayers--Bottfly (alts:Wormplated/Wormskull)

Necromanseers--Gillis (alts: Clan/Kimme/Mady)    



Role Coordinators--Tanking Coordinator:  Bahaamat   

                              Healing Coordianator:  TBD 

                              Ranged/Caster DPS Coordinator:  Gillis 

                               Melee DPS Coordinator:  Bottfly      


VAMP Professions Masters:                       VAMP Class Mentors:

Guild Tailors:                             Hunters:

Ivan (485+)                                                TBD (asst.)

Moyra (350+) (SHWV)                               

Lurid (446+) (SPFR)  

Wormskull (440+) (SHWV Tailor)

Takeslife (445+)

Ruinous (375--SWV)

Guild Enchanters:                        Warriors:

Moyra (310+)                                             Moxyn (asst.)

Ivan (358+)

Sandviper (289+)

Ladivamp (385) GRATS!!

Bahaamat (450)

Guild Blacksmiths:                        Mages:

Vias (HS--300)                                           Lurid (asst.)

Xception (AS--330+)                                   

Bahaamat (Armorsmith--450)                               

Wormplated (Hammersmith--360+)                                                                                        

Guild Leatherworkers:                    Shamans:

Bottfly (EL LW 450)                                  TBD (asst.)

Apadawatala (DS LW)                              

Vladracul (300 EL LW)

Nickodemous (375) GRATS!!                  

Guild Engineers:                          Druids:                             

Gruffydd--GBLN (282+)                             Nickodemous (asst.)                       

Iricar--GBLN (326+)       

Sandviper (229+)

Kaswyck (415+)             

Guild Alchemists:                         Priests:

Kisker (450)                                               Ivan (temp. asst.)

Cryss (450)                                                

Everlasting (215)                               

Valhala (300)            

Crypte (374+ Elixir Master)

Ysaac (225+)

Iricar (436+)

Moxin  (450)

Wormskull  (450 -- Transmute)

Guild Herbalists:                         Warlocks:

Everlasting (215)                                       Wormskull (asst.)

Cryss (450) GRATS!!                                 

Valhala (300)                         

Kisker (450) GRATS!!         

Crypte (375) GRATS!!

Ysaac (225+)

Ruinous (375) GRATS!!

Moxin  (450)

Guild Skinners:                           Rogues:

Bottfly (450)                                             Bottfly (asst.)

Lurid (450)     


Guild Miners:                             Paladins:

Wormplated (350+)                                    Kimme (asst.)  

Wormskull (375)                                       

Dracominajr (300)

Xception (375)

Visigoth (290+)

Guild Jewelcrafters:                     Deathknights:

Borvo (350+)                                             TBD (asst.)

Elianya (375)

Gothos (375)

Takeslife (450)

Guild Inscriptors/Scribes:

Moxyn (376+)

Greyhawk (450)

Gwendilyn (415+) 


Bottfly (450)

Saguenay (450)  

(updated as of: 8-13-11)

We can either be The Messenger or The Message--choose wisely...

- ~anonymous
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