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Patch Day Blues
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Forums : Boss Strats and Dungeon Info > Tanking Tips for Hydross and Lurker
Natema (Associate) 7/16/2008 12:01 PM EST : Tanking Tips for Hydross and Lurker
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Ok first up, we have the rather large Elemental boss with the splitpersonality, enjoys long walks in the park with your healers andsurrounding himself with his closest friends.
Now you’re either a MT here, of which there will be two, one for Frostphase and one for Nature phase or you’re an OT for the adds.
As MT you are going to need either 300 unbuffed nature resistance or300 unbuffed Frost resistance. This is easily attained by picking upand crafting the Nature res gear plans from Cenarion Expedition or theFrost res gear plans from Kara. Couple these three pieces with someenchants on some old tanking gear and pick up a couple of nature resrings and you’re away. Do not believe some of the topics you read aboutcap maxing your res for this encounter, with raid buffs you’ll bepacking 360+ res in each res class and if your healers can’t keep youup they need shooting….twice! Just make sure you don’t completely gimpyour stamina and defense, sounds tricky, but it’s not.
As an OT you are going to need to find 100 Nature res and 100 frost rescombined for tanking the adds that appear between each phase.

Now you have two OT’s on the adds they grab 2 each unless you have aprot pala and if so then you stand by and watch him do your work foryou. Adds are picked up asap before they go Waltzing Matilda over toyour clothies and start a party which your Clothies wont enjoy one bit.Once some aggro has been applied pull the adds ontop of Hydross for theincoming AOE that will burn them down. That’s your role for thefight….i make it sound so easy don’t i? Well it’s harder than the MT’sroles!

The two MT’s tank our large green, no blue, no green schizophrenic elemental.

Fights starts with the Frost Tank moving swiftly to Hydross and tankinghim where he stands. Hydross will stack a cheeky debuff on you of whichyou can take four stacks before the healers are put under unnecessarystrain. So just before he applies the forth debuff you are going todrag him kicking and screaming to your Nature res comrade is the rathercamp looking green plate armor.

Switching between the two phases will cause the most problems for yourraid. We’re going to look at what you can do as MT to make it easier.

You’ll see two flags in front of Hydross, imagine an invisible line isdrawn between these two flags. When Hydross crosses that line he freaksout and turns Green and starts doing Nature damage, he also makes areally quick call on his mobile and gets four mates around to helphim…again. It is VERY important that the Nature res tank is ready tograb Hydross immediately. No you can’t taunt him, you want to open witha Shield Slam and be ready with some quick devastates in case your slammisses. If you fail to pick him up quick enough you risk:

1. Hydross crossing back over the invisible line again and summoning“another” 4 adds as he’ll flip back into Frost mode. So you’ll have 8adds and a Frost resistant MT with debuffs galore him who can’t pickhim up again without being nuked.
2. The Frost res MT is still being healed, with 4/5 marks on him he’llbe taking some fair damage so if you fail to grab the newly changedNature Hydross then he’ll go dance with your healers.

Both situation as you can imagine result in very similar outcomes, lotsof people dying, your Raid Leader pulling some of his hair out and youfeeling like a boon.

Q: Will rage be a problem during the transition phase?
A: Nope, when your opposite number MT is tanking his cheeks off you canslap Hydross around until the third mark goes on. Build up some rageand help the tank with applying debuffs.

Once the third mark goes on move to the invisible line and get ready tosteal Hydross off your brother in arms. Keep a close eye on Omen, ifanyone is getting close to you, throw them a warning over comms.

Helpful tips:

1. Be ready and have rage before every transition between nature and frost.
2. When you drag Hydross to your fellow tank to change phase be readyto bust some survivability tricks, healers switching from you to theother tank might result in your HP dropping low if they aren’tconcentrating. Leave nothing to chance.
3. It’s your target, keep it your target, warn any DPS classes who are reaching your threat level.
4. If your OT’s are struggling, drag Hydross to the adds yourself so hecan get in on the AOE fun, it’s valuable DPS. Note: DON’T drag him backover the line by losing focus!
5. This fight is all about attention to detail and positioning while never taking your eye off omen.

Rinse and repeat the transitions until he finally decides enough is enough and lies down and hope for your: Scarab of Displacement - Items - World of Warcraft


Next up we have a fun encounter that will become second nature veryquickly, you need to kill this guy if you don’t want the annoying packsto respawn every 2 hours.

We’ll look at this fight only from a MT perspective, the OT roles arevery basic and your raid leader will cover them off if he knows his job.

MT, you are tanking a large and not too attractive fish….you will havekilled all the adds that surround the platforms above him so the waterwill be very hot and you’ll experience a cheeky little damage tick whenyou swim in it. People start fishing; eventually one of them makes thecatch of the day and up comes the beast.
You need to select him and tag him quickly if you and your OT fail todo this he will one shot one of your buddies. Tank him where you seethe break in the circle platform you are standing on, some people sayto just stand in the water and let healers heal through the scalddamage but it doesn’t really matter so long as people are positionedproperly. Now he doesn’t hit overly hard and there are no damage spikesto worry about, look to gear yourself with stamina and threat gear.

1. Tank him with your feet as close to the edge and as close to him asyou can, he will do a whirlwind attack that throws you back a fair way.If you are stood for example at max distance then you’ll land in thewater behind you and will need to scramble back onto the platform andget back in range before you drop off the top of the threat list and heone shots your buddy if the OT has failed to remain 2nd on the list.
2. Spout, he will, and there’s no nice way to put this, spit in yourface and spin around about 375 degrees spitting all the while. If thisspout hits you them you will be flung, I’m not lying, around 200 yardsbackwards, it’s a long swim, you’ll be out of healers range and willprobably cook to death before getting back. So, just as he takes a deepbreath and gets ready to hawk a biggun in ya face, step forward intothe water and continue tanking.
3. When you’re in the water during spout and he has rotated enough atthe start for you to pop your head up to the surface, do it. Don’tclimb out, just jump so you’re treading water on the surface and cansee everything above the water level. This will allow you to knowexactly when his spout passes you for the final time and you can jumpout as quickly as possible to ensure you get the aggro fast.Alternatively you could just stay in there and jump out after you haveaggro, just be sure not to mess it up and get out of LOS from yourhealers.
4. Tip: when you climb out after spout, be ready to bust somesurvivability tricks in case any of your healers are slow getting outof the water.
5. Before the encounter begins, practice jumping in and out of thewater and positioning yourself on the edge of the platform quickly.
6. He will submerge periodically and it’s adds time. 2 on each of the 3surround islands and 3 hard hitting guardians on the main platform youare on. They will be tanked/cc’d as your raid leader sees fit, you justneed to be ready to help (if your not already assigned a target) incase any go walkies.
7. Adds, die, big fish comes back to surface and off we go again. Makesure just as with the start you are the one to get the aggro first.

Note: You can also tank him in the water for whole fight, initially itwill mean a little extra healing needed but shouldn't cause a problemeither.

Rinse and repeat until he’s dead and keep your fingers crossed that he drops you mace. Mallet of the Tides - Items - World of Warcraft

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Vladracul (SuperAdmin) 7/17/2008 2:10 AM EST : RE: Tanking Tips for Hydross and Lurker
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Thanks Natty--I will be studying this soon.  


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