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Mission Statement
"We are haunted by the vastness of Eternity.  And so we ask ourselves, will our actions echo across the centuries?  Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone and wonder who we were?  How bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved..."   ~ Troy

"We will show them something they have never seen ..." ~~Gladiator

Hello all,

I wanted to take the time to spend a moment detailing the mission and ideals of <VAMPIRUS>.  We are a guild of hardworking, trustworthy people gathered to play a game and keep it fun for all.  We help others both in the guild and those who ask respectfully for our help outside the guild.  We are formed on the principle of mutual respect for all.

It is important to remember the ideals of mercy, tolerance, manners, and peace in our dealings with others.  While the game allows us to create an avatar of a fictitious character, behind each computer and internet line there is a human being, whether they be Alliance or Horde. 

When designing the guild tabard, the group that was on at the time thought it best to keep it simple but representative of the guild name.  While we are not vampires in deed, we have a strong obligation to others around us, a blood pact of sorts, that allows us to shine, ironically out of the darkness others would think we reside in.

We must continue to be strictly fair and generous in our dealings with others and keep the developing ideals of the guild and those who occupy its ranks in mind as best as possible.  All are important and equal and helpful.  When I think of an action I can take, I try to best weigh whether it will benefit me solely while hindering someone else's enjoyment of the game.  Or can I gain a weapon or piece of armor while keeping our reputation high and intact as a guild?  We all gain when we help others by setting the example of what one person can do if they seek to make a difference.  Those who know me know I reward loyalty and honor deeply with whatever resources I have.

The Mission of the guild is to establish peace, maintain peace and pursue future peace.  There is already almost two years of history behind us and it is in the guild's best interest to make sure this longevity continues with little risk to the benefit and enjoyment of others.  Being a member and especially officer of the guild means you are empowered to keep drama at a low if nonexistent state and follow closely the rules of language, self-governance and mutual respect.   One's continued membership in the guild is tied closely to how much these ideals are followed, not questioned, without good cause.  If there is a new, quality idea that will potentially help the guild it is to presented in the most respectful manner possible (without drama) to the upper guild leadership cited in the next paragraph below and its merit and acceptance will be directly correlated to the historic level of assistance, time and effort one has invested into the guild, as credited and witnessed by upper guild management.

Your job is to keep the peace not disrupt it.   If one is found to be altering the state of drama, including extending any existing isolated drama incident there will be a singular warning and the second infraction will result in loss of membership and removal from the guild and its activities.   The guild is wholly serious about the aforementioned since it has helped to get us to where we are today, which is a positive environment which excels in fun and character progression.  If for any reason you have any question on any of this please feel free to contact Moyra/Cryss, Natema/Morrigu, or me.

I will do my best as your humbled guild leader to lead by example to keep us all proud of what we have started and continue to grow daily.   You have my promise that no pressure will ever be placed on you.   A plant grows when it is nurtured and rooted in rich soil with constant light.  To cast darkness on it wilts its sprouting leaves...

To all of you in <VAMPIRUS>  I pledge my devotion, my honor, and my commitment.

May we rise by our actions and have fun in doing so.

My peace to you, and always remember this: Your dreams are my dreams, I will help you to fulfill them if you are patient with me and with the guild.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Best wishes for our bright future, formed from the obscurity of darkness, let us remain modest in spite of our success, there is nothing we cannot accomplish --  of this we are certain.  Let us set no limits.

EDIT:  Also, important to note--when one is dueling another in guild outside of the guild or on the Alliance faction, please practice as much courtesy as possible and remember that they are another human being.  It is not acceptible guild practice to "Graveyard Camp" or "Corpse-Camp".  If a player has fallen they need to be given time to drink for mana regen, health points etc.  If any griefing or disallowance of this occurs including non-respectful emotes, then appropriate action will be taken. 

One thing we have is a clean reputation--let's keep it that way.  Please refer any questions to Moyra, Natema, or me. 

Thanks and peace,
Vladracul / Lurid

GUILD FOCUS GOALS:  Our goal is to maintain and improve a respectful reputation on the Dalaran server and have enough reach and active, class-diverse, committed member base to be able to enjoy all content that is within our grasp.  These should be seen as options we exercise to be fair to our loyal members and allies and friends.  The game is meant to be enjoyed and we will do so but not while forsaking all the good that got us there.  We will have different speeds for different people and build on our strength of direction and purpose to achieve all these goals.


ON LOOTING:  We run looting as a guild based on common courtesy and basing Need over Greed.  If you cannot use an item for your class (ie: you are a cloth wearer and you roll Need on a leather item) you only roll Greed on it if no one needs it.  If you violate the rules once, you are notified of the rule and warned.  To violate it knowingly a second time results in removal of main character and all alts. from the guilds on both Horde and Alliance.  We do not have issues of looting and members not getting gear with the generosity we have in-guild among members.   There is no need to have drama or greed over loot and it will not be tolerated.  The same is true for ninja looting (taking something that was not intended to be yours for loot in a group)--it is cause for immediate removal from the guild.  If you have any question on this policy please consult any officer or me at any time.  Thank you.

Long from now when you look back upon the ages of your life and you remember the times you had in VAMPIRUS you will realize you had a chance to become whatever you wanted to be and the world was yours to create your lasting impression.  Make this your noble fight and become something that you can be proud to regard in the twilight mirror upon your awakening.  March with us ~~ The time is now and the dawn of a new Age has begun...
Guild Ranks

Wraith - This is so you can see if the guild is the right fit for you.  This is sort of a trial area for new prospects.  You may be allowed to add an alt in at this rank.

Acolyte - is a journeyman rank in the guild and the first promotion.  This is also known as the regular Member rank of VAMPIRUS.  You may add alts at this rank as well.

Vampirelite - is a near-Veteran status guild member with consistent respect for the guild rules and regular attendance.  You may add as many alts at this stage as you wish.

Blood Seekeris our rank for veteran.  One is in good standing, regularly visits the guild website, maintains a positive attitude and assists other guildies, and thus setting a good example.

Vampraider - to be determined--this is our raider rank and has access to a special consumables bank tab which includes potions, elixirs, armor kits, gems, etc.

Necromanseer - is our rank for Officer is comprised of those who have chosen by their actions that they are ready for a position of responsibility.  This rank is normally obtained through recommendation by an officer and is voted on by the other officers.  Officers screen prospective members, regularly participate in the site and attend guild officer meetings.

Soothsayer - high energy, often available Officers who also serve as additional advisory role

Vampraetor - those in charge in the GM's absence and to assist with guild issues and hear ideas

Archvampire - guild master rank (GM)

Guild Positions

Class Leader or Asst. - A person from each class who is knowledgable about the class, regularly reads the guild and class forums in order to assist players of their class.  This usually takes the form of direct class knowledge, quest help, gearing advice. They utilize their Class Assistant(s) to help with responsibilities when he/she cannot attend to them or in their RL absence.  Leaders are also responsible for involvement in the recruitment/interview process for their prospective class members.

Raid Organizer - This would be an officer or a team of officers that handle sign-up and invites to the raids we have.  If we are short people then they would be in charge of finding people or asking for suggestions of people to invite.
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