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Thank you for considering The Circle of Night!

Our recruiting policy is as follows: We are not interested in growing just for the sake of adding numbers. We are looking specifically for players who are compatible with our play-style and personalities.  If you meet our requirements as outlined in the WHO WE ARE area of our website and are an active player, we would encourage you to submit an application, meet up with us via our Mumble chat server, and give it a try.

There are three steps to joining The Circle of Night:

Submit an Application by clicking the JOIN THIS GUILD link at the top of the page, or at this link. We encourage you to think about your answers - the questions truly encapsulate the type of players we seek, and well thought out responses ensure that we are a good match for each other.  We want a good fit for you and our existing guildees as well.

Join us in MUMBLE.  Mumble is an Internet voice chat application that is used by gamers around the world.  We use it to coordinate raids, to catch up with guildees when running separate quests from each other, and for general chat.  DDO has an in-game chat feature, but Mumble remains far more clear, feature rich, and 'real time' than the in-game system.

Applicants should download the free Mumble client here: 

Once installed, you will be asked for server settings.  The Circle of Night Mumble settings are:

Server Name: CoN
Server Address:
Port: 8218
Username: (pick one, preferably your main character's name)
Password ****** (ask any Circle of Night member, or check your messages on this site for the password)

This is the easiest, quickest way to progress your application and get to gaming with The Circle of Night.

Once you are in the game, take a proactive effort to get to know our members, as we will be trying to get to know you as well.   Check out our forums, particularly the recommended links on the right side of the page. You will gain full access to them once your application has been accepted.  Be sure to check in with Mumble and Guild Chat to make sure that you are following what is happening.  And if at ALL possible, show up for Raid Nights on Thursday.  We are obviously working on our characters and questing, raiding, leveling, etc on other nights, too, but this is the night we set aside to run 100% Circle of Night events to ensure success.  Take a proactive role in getting to know your guildees, and you'll be integrated in no time!

The following are recommendations for a successful guild experience with The Circle of Night.

(1) Be 'Prepared for Completion'  It's more than a motto - be sure that you are doing your best to succeed and represent the guild well at all times.  Carry the right equipment, scrolls, potions, whatever to actively contribute.

(2) Be active on our forums and participate in Mumble often.  Get to know your guild, share builds, and contribute to the guild community through both of these tools to compliment our in-game time.

(3) "Build Your Guild" - it's not just a Turbine special event they ran in early 2012.  It is a philosophy.
  • Grab renown when you can - every little bit helps! 
  • Offer end-loot to guildees first before PUGs.  This isn't a guild requirement, but a recommendation to ensure that we all build our best characters and that we support each other in doing so. 
  • Want to run a quest?  Ask in guild before posting an LFM.  Have spots?  Give a guildee (with the right character class, of course) the spot before a random invite. 

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