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Echoes In Eternity
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Welcome to our temporary website!

Echoes In Eternity have been around for a long time and like so many guilds we have had our share of success. Recently 'Echoes' has started to rebuild after quite a hiatus. Should any one be wishing to join our guild simply run some heroics or raids with us and ask.

We are a casual raiding guild. The casual part means that you can choose to join raids or not. You can have your toon spec how you want. To join raids though you will need to have First Aid 450, bring Food buffs, and Flasks. When we raid we do so too succeed !!! 

We have Captain's that assist with class questions and Generals that run raids.


    Dual Spec;

The advent of Dual Spec will create a new issue. No longer will toons be considered 'Main Spec' for loot priorities. Thus players need to be considerate when rolling on loot. Players may roll on any loot their class is eligable for. Once a player has a piece of loot they may not roll against others untill all that are eligible to roll have one piece. This balances loot out a little. Just be considerate.

    Healing and Tanking;
  Players may only roll on items if they have either spec set up. Not just if they are 'going too'. eg if either spec is not Healing or Tanking you may not roll on Healing or Tanking Gear. Conversly if your spec does not include PVP you may not roll on PVP gear.

  If no-one meets the above criteria then all of the class that want the loot may roll as opposed to the loot being Disenchanted. This piece of loot does count against the one piece limit.
  Should loot drop that only one player can use, but they are allready ahead of others on loot, then they will still get the loot and just be considered two over or three over. :)

    Disenchanted Loot;
  Items disenchanted during guild runs will add to the guild banks suppy of enchanting materials.


Tuesday and Wednesday see us in NAXX at 6:30pm server time. Invites at 6:15pm, first pull at 6:30 SHARP.

Thursday finds Echoes in OS at the same times. 6:15 invites 6:30 first pull.

Friday is a fun raid day - eg Vault or Onyxia again at about the same times.

Saturday and Sunday are free days at the moment where players currently run Heorics looking for gear and earning badges.

Monday is a Farming Day. Guild members all get together in a raid and Farm areas of Northrend for Plants, Ore, Skins and any green items that drop which go to the guild bank. The group farming is relaxing fun and should any Horde get adventurous we have the numbers to offer them a thorough spanking. This completes the week nicely and allows the guild bank to replenish some stocks for the next weeks raids. This kicks off at about 6pm server. All should get involved. !!!

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EchoesinEternity, Mar 19, 09 7:13 PM.


OS 10                   OS 25
Standard                           Standard
One Drake up                    One Drake up 
Two Drakes up                   Two Drakes up
Three Drakes up                Three Drakes up

Naxx 10                Naxx 25
Arachnid Quarter               Arachnid Quarter
Plague Quarter                  Plague Quarter
Military Quarter                  Military Quarter
Construct Quarter              Construct Quarter
Frostwyrm Lair                   Frostwyrm Lair

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