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Mando'ad A'den
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Welcome to Mandalorian Wrath......also known by the brethren of Mandalore as "Mando'ad A'den".......

We are a Star Wars: The Old Republic based guild. Our guild revolves around Mandalorian Culture.

Although we are based on a part of the Star Wars universe, to call us "roleplayers" might be misconstrued. We are not carebear roleplayers.

Mandalorian Wrath is a VERY pvp-based guild, we will take a bounty mark on anyone at any time. And as for our Non-Bounty Hunter Mandalorians, tremble when you see them across the battle-line, for their cannons strike true and care not for collateral damage.....

Roleplayers huh? Yeah, We are roleplayers.....Hostile Demonic Roleplayers Filled With Bloodlust and Credit Hording......

If you have come here to join our ranks, Welcome!
If you have come here to cross our path....We welcome the combat!

The Beginning of the Mandalorian Wrath

MandoadAden, Mar 20, 09 12:20 PM.
Today at 8pm Iraqi Standard (i made that timezone up i think) after reading the high volume of Mandalorian fans & Bounty Hunter fans on the Forums, and yet the lack of proper representation, I have decided to once again put on my Guild Leader hat and lead others to victory, to glory, and to fame! (good or bad)

I bring you the birth of  Mandalorian Wrath / Mando'ad A'den

Welcome all friends, Welcome all enemies!

Honor through combat, Strength through Victory!
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