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Raiding isn't mandatory, however if we're doing a guild run please do not run off to join a pug raid. We're a raiding guild therefore expect our members to participate. Participation is the best way to earn rank.

Raiding minimums. From DPS classes we expect at least 2k dps after the first week of being in the guild. From healers we expect 1500 spell power. From tanks 520 defense (and 26k unbuffed health for raid tanks).
If you need help reaching these minimums ask your guildmates for pointers, don't expect to get geared up completely by raiding. Some work must be invested by the members themselves.

Lord Knight - These are our officers, they will help whenever they can to get parties and raids organized.
Lord Knight Alt
Veteran - Players who have been highly active with the guild and devoted a great deal of effort to it's success.
Soldier - Front line raiders, whoever your main character is, is who we count on for raiding and whom we make an effort to get geared to raid.
Alt - Self explainitory
Recruit - Someone new to the guild who has yet to earn their way up.

Raid Loot and Rank:
Loot is tied to Rank, the higher the rank the more priority someone has toward items. If an alt rolls against a recruit, chances are the alt will get the item, if a soldier rolls against an alt, the soldier has priority and on up the chain. This means the higher rank you are the more chance you have at gaining gear from the raids. All ranks are based on guild participation so if you raid frequently and are a helpful member of the guild you will rise in rank fairly quickly! This may seem unfair, however it is also very unfair for a person who only raids once a week to gain an item above someone who shows up in every raid. By and large alts will tend to be passed over on loot in raids in favor of main characters because we aren't a gearing service for alts. All alts are equal on rolls! A veteran's alt counts the same as a soldier's! The only exception is the Lord Knight alts because officers take the role that is needed in the raid.

The only exception to this loot rule system is in the case of Raid Tanks. A raid tank is not just any tank, they are someone who submits themselves devotedly and will tank any raid requested by the guild, also raiding instances in their off time to assist other members of the guild in attaining baser gear. These individuals get priority on ALL tanking gear in our raids when tanking the raid itself. To be a raiding tank you must have a minimum 540 defense, 26k unbuffed health and be able to establish and hold aggro against raid bosses. This is not the standard tank position! Anyone can be a guild tank, a raid tank takes a higher level of commitment.

Promotions are generally made on Saturdays based on raid activity, you don't have to raid constantly to earn a promotion, you can also gain promotions through running instances with guild mates and through offering your professions to guild needs such as Jewelcrafting, Tailoring or Mining up materials for the guild bank.
One Veteran will be promoted per week by council decision.

Demotions can be made at any time, typical reasons include disrespecting guild members, unbecoming behavior in LFG or abuse of the guildbanks. Treat guildmates with respect and courtesy!

Social behavior
As members of Cataclysm you represent the guild in public. If you "gank lowbies" or insist on flame wars and hurled insults you make all of us look bad. Self control and proper behavior are not required to play on the server, but they ARE required to maintain your position within the guild. This is not to say you can't play around and joke, but please be courteous when in public.

The Guild Bank
The guildbank is invested in by all the guild members, just as with raiding you are not required to deposit, but it helps. The guild bank is not for grinding up your professions or nabbing things to sell, it is mutual assets to be used for the betterment of the guild at large. Example; if you are an enchanter doing an enchant for a guildmate, feel free to borrow some materials from the guild bank to perform the enchant, likewise for jewelcrafting, blacksmithing or other activities. Taking out large quantities of materials for personal use will not be accepted!

The last tab of the guild bank, labelled "Limited" is restricted items generally only accessible by officers and generally only given for specific purposes. It is also a representation of items our guild crafters can make for other members such as food that grants buffs or temporary weapon enhancements. If you are interested you can make a request to any of the Lord Knights for items listed there.
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