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Mar 23, 09 3:58 PM
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Welcome to The Horde website!

Do you remember when Realm Pride existed?  Do you remember when a Call To Arms went active and you dropped whatever you were doing to help defend Midgard from Invaders!  Do you remember a time when your fellow realm mates helped you complete quests, forge new friendships and all-around make Dark Age of Camelot the most enjoyable game you have ever played?  

Yes.  History repeats itself.  Now is the time. If you are of like mind Join Us!

Join the fight! Take up arms and strap on your armor! For today is a good day to......

Smash Dem Hibbies!!


Alliance Joined

Kroegon, Mar 23, 09 3:58 PM.
We have joined the Necessary Evil Alliance!   Long live the Horde!
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