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PvP Competition
Mar 24, 09 5:04 AM
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Welcome to 8D Website. More info will be added once Faust has been contacted.

PvP Competition

Syn8D, Mar 24, 09 5:04 AM.
A PvP competition has begun with 8D members only. 3k Per fight with a maximum of 2 fights per week. No member is allowed to fight the same person Twice until he has fought every entered Member. Once he has fought that same member twice, again, can't fight that member until he fights every other member once again.

At the end of the month, the top 4 Members will fight in finals. 1 v 3, 2 v 4. Winner will earn all the gold made from the competition.

See PvP Board for further details.
, Malice, T2A and a Orc  vs 4 8D members.

Total death tally
Pallando - 2
Haematona - 3
An Afro - 2
Spielermorder - 4 or 5
Draggonslayer - 2
Gorughaghrog - 2
Donald Duck - 1
Ennui - 5

And more??

8D death tally
Elmo - 1
Jono - 1

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