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Argent Star
Idiots Unite!
Jan 25, 11 1:21 PM
Alliance reborn!
Jan 10, 11 2:02 AM
New Guild Name!
Nov 16, 10 11:59 PM
Rais is a whore
Jun 17, 10 11:46 PM
Tunaria Strikes Back!
Jun 17, 10 3:08 AM
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Welcome to the Argent Star Portal!

The Argent Star is the number-one hardcore soloing guild in the entire MMO UNIVERSE! Our glorious leader, Xindriel, and her brainless lackey Talaria have taken soloing to an entirely new level! This guild is beyond hardcore! If you want to learn how to solo like a mother******, look no further! Through no real skill of her own, the daring swashsuckler of Nektulos server, Talaria, has obtained the ultimate power that comes of being level 80! More importantly, through sheer, stubborn relentlessness, she has completed two out of three MYTHICAL WEAPON UPDATES! How much more solo can you get?

Make no mistake, we at the Argent Star take our duties as hardcore badasses very seriously. Norrath trembles when we are around, because they know we will grab as many quests as we possibly can, and fail to complete at least 95% of them!!! At one time the guild roster was over 20 accounts in size, and yet we absolutely refused to do anything that could be even remotely considered "grouping!"

The Argent Star (Argent means Silver, for those of you who care) stands for one thing: a world filled with life yet is so utterly and completely devoid of anything that stinks of comaraderie, cooperation or friendship!

Join now! Operators are standing by!

Idiots Unite!

Whm6rj, Jan 25, 11 1:21 PM.
The Trinity of Stupid reared its ugly head early this morning, only to be thoroughly beaten down by the Defender of Decency, Minalyrax! Lavawalker, whom some of you know to be a generous and friendly sort (what I tend to call "an alright guy"), was insulted last night by one Adoraim, who also goes by the moniker of "Stupid fucking retard."
Lavawalker, whilst in the midst of handing out more welcome gifts (a worthy pouch of gold to be sure), was informed by Adoraim that he was "like a pedo with candy." Min, sometimes referred to as "that sexy Iksar," pointed out that such a thing was "a horrible thing to say about someone who was doing something nice for people."
All of Norrath stood still for a moment as the three reigning monarchs of Go Fuck Yourself leaped right into the fray!
Lazzaruss immediately responded with a vicious, "that was called a joke." However, Min, being a master of the parry, riposted with "joke or not, it was still a horrible thing to say." Adoraim, not content with his recently-earned title of Fucking Jackass, decided to respond with monosyllabic grunts and gestures, which roughly translated meant, "I like to eat Gnoll droppings."
When, after a few more feints and strikes it became clear that her two compatriots were totally out-classed (unsurprising, as they had no class), Euphorica (whom you Dragon Nation people may know as Lunarmyst) decided to make her contributions to the festivities, which boiled down to "I'm a pathetic white-trash loser with no real friends so I'll pretend I'm clever by fanning these flames."
Ultimately, it was to no avail, for Min struck each of them down as they drew near, showing them no mercy. It is to her credit that, when she saw that her foes were sucking the intelligence out of the air around them, she allowed them to withdraw in silence, rather than risk harm to the various on-lookers.
When asked about the incident, Minalyrax was quoted as saying "Oh, now I get it! Lavawalker, you're like a person who uses candy to entice small children into a secluded location so you can sexually abuse them! THAT'S SO FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHAHAH Fuck you, assholes."
At this moment, no apology to Lavawalker has been offered.

Alliance reborn!

Whm6rj, Jan 10, 11 2:02 AM.
In a shocking, "come from behind"-style victory, the Alliance of Lazy Sots has re-emerged from the cold, dark slumber of the grave to stand in a disgusting, stinking heap before the gates of Progress.
Will it enter? Will it turn away in search of strong ale and cheap perfume? No one can say for sure!

New Guild Name!

Whm6rj, Nov 16, 10 11:59 PM.
The Argent Star is no more!!! We are now known as the Argent Suck, because it's what we do best as a collective whole (or is that hole?)!!!

Remember, Argent Suck, for all your sucking needs!

Rais is a whore

Whm6rj, Jun 17, 10 11:46 PM.
The Erudin Library decided to crack down on those who have books long overdue.
The chief architect of this sudden enforcement was the Primarch Rais, who dabbles on the side as a street hooker.
A small band of unnamed heroes were found with their pockets turned out and all their change missing, in what investigators are terming "the biggest bitch-slap of the decade." When contacted, Argent Star member Mistell was quoted as saying, "Rais is a whore and I hope his knuckles swell up to the size of a watermelon!"

Tunaria Strikes Back!

Whm6rj, Jun 17, 10 3:08 AM.
A small force of adventurers (read: fools) attempted to raid the throne room of Felwithe tonight, with less than impressive results. Eye witnesses reported seeing a large, troll-like creature sobbing like a lost child over the remains of the small force.
When asked about the scene of carnage and devestation, Queen Lenya Thex was quoted as saying, "Bring it, you Norrathian bitches!"
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